10 Things That Can Happen To A God-Given Purpose

10 Things That Can Happen To A God-Given Purpose

By Gbenga Emiloju

After I discovered my God-given purpose, I decided to research those things that can happen to God-given purposes and strategies that can help in fulfilling our purposes. Below are my findings:


1. God-given purpose can be discovered but not be fulfilled

2. God-given purpose can be sabotaged and aborted if care is not taken

3. God-given purpose can be exchanged or transferred from one person to another if the initial receiver fails to run with it

4. God-given purpose can be helped and supported by destiny helpers, provided the receiver takes the necessary steps

5. God-given purpose can be manipulated by greedy and self-centered individuals for personal gain

6. God-given purpose can be diverted into wrong assignments or used for the ungodly purpose

7. God-given purpose can be enhanced, maximized, and promoted for maximum impact.

8. God-given purpose can be delayed in the life of a person but will speak when it is the appointed time

9. God-given destiny can be reversed, withdrawn, or suspended if the receiver fails to take responsibility

10. God-given destiny can be misunderstood, misinterpreted, or misrepresented when the receiver fails to ask God for clarification.


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