A Cargo of No Value: Charge No Tax

A Cargo of No Value: Charge No Tax

…True Life Story of A Rich Stingy Man

By Gbenga Emiloju

Sometimes ago in one of the African countries, there was a man who was very wealthy that the whole world knew about his wealth. He had several businesses both at home and abroad, and as a result, he was responsible for the payment of salaries of his many employees.

Even though he was very rich and capable of paying his employees as and when due, he wouldn’t pay them, but always delay the payment so that he would be able to turn over the money to make more profits before paying them at later dates.

This man was also stingy and wouldn’t assist his relatives and friends whenever they came to him for assistance. He would rather give them excuses or tell them stories of how he suffered before he became rich, that they too should work hard to get rich.

Although this man had several houses and many cars, none of his wives and children was allowed to touch any of his valuables except on a few unavoidable occasions. These and many self-centered attitudes were his ways of life till his last day.

One day, the man traveled abroad for a business meeting and while he was there, he had a heart attack in the middle of the night and before he could be rescued, he gave up the ghost.

After all the necessary arrangements, his business associates put his corpse in the cargo hold of an expensive airline to be transported to his home country.

At the airport of his home country, there were members of his family, business associates, government officials, friends, and important dignitaries in the society who were waiting to receive his corpse.

But to their greatest surprise, when the corpse was pulled out of the cargo section of the aircraft, there was a tag attached to his casket with; *”CARGO OF NO VALUE, CHARGE NO TAX”.*

When his family members and all that were with them saw it, they were deeply sorry for the deceased. Despite all his wealth, fame, importance, position, and influence, his body was packed and tagged as *A CARGO OF NO VALUE*.

A man who was flying 1st class when he was alive, his body was brought home in a cargo hold of an aircraft where non-living items are kept and transported. What a life!

*Hold On:*

Dear reader, your life has value only when you are alive, but the moment you are dead, your body becomes a cargo of no value like the man in this story. The best way to spend your life, wealth, and position is to become a blessing to the people you come in contact with.

Don’t hold too much to your wealth or position, life is not all about getting all you can and canned all you get. Those who do so are like the rich fool described in Luke 12.

Know that one day you will surely die, whatever good and the bad you do for others while alive would be what you will be remembered for.


One day, your body will become a cargo of no value, but my question to you today is that;

What will people say about you after your death?

*Worth Thinking About:*

Learn this from me, as for me – Gbenga Emiloju, my primary objective whenever I meet anyone – rich or poor, is to see how I can add value and make a positive impact in their lives.

*What about you?*

I Wish You A Pleasant Weekend!

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