Alhaji Ned Munir Nwoko’s Political Con-Manship And Treacherous Islamazation Nobert Chiazor Could Not Defend

Alhaji Ned Munir Nwoko’s Political Con-Manship And Treacherous Islamazation Nobert Chiazor Could Not Defend

By Nwankwo T. Nwaezeigwe, PhD, DD

I read Nobert Chiazor’s two fire-brigade responses to my surgical mind-boggling exposition on one of the smartest political con-men ever to originate from Anioma land titled respectively, “NED NWOKO’’S CALL FOR ANIOMA STATE CREATION: WHERE NWAEZEIGWE GOT IT WRONG” and “ONE YEAR IN OFFICE: CELEBRATING A SPECTACLE SENATOR.”

I truly appreciate his convoluted efforts to prove to his politically tranquilized master that he is equal to the task of upturning the truth.

But as the Greek philosopher Aristotle speaking about his master Plato put it, “Plato is dear to me, but dearer still is truth.” Yes! Senator Alhaji Prince Ned Abdullahi Munir Nwoko might be dear to the like of Nobert Chiazor, but dearer is the truth to the people of Anioma land.
And part of this truth as Nobert Chiazor rightly put it in his opening sentence is that, “On the floor and foyer of the National Assembly, he [Senator Alhaji Prince Ned Abdullahi Munir Nwoko] stands different.” Indeed Alhaji Nwoko stands different because he is the only Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who hides his religion from his people.

He is the only Muslim in the Senate who is ashamed to use his Muslim names. He is the only Muslim Senator who is shy to use the title of “Alhaji” as a proud Muslim should do. This is the truth Nobert Chiazor could not erase but could only protest against.

The revered Obi (Senator) Nosike Ikpo represented Anioma land in the Senate and he was not ashamed to pronounce his African Traditional Religion (ATR). Senator Peter Nwoboshi represented Anioma people in the Senate and he proudly presented himself as a Christian of the Roman Catholic Faith. Similarly, Senator Ifeanyi Arthur was a Senator and proudly presented himself as a proud Christian of the Anglican Church. Both Senators Nwoboshi and Okowa proudly bear their Christian names.

Why shouldn’t Senator Ned Nwoko likewise proudly bear his Muslim names of “Abdullahi” and “Munir” if he has no hidden religious agenda among Anioma people? 
To Nobert Chiazor, I, Odogwu Nwankwo Nwaezeigwe “crossed the bounds of decency and enlightened discourse by attacking the religious proclivity, personality and private life of Senator Nwoko.” If Nobert Chiazor calls it crossing my bounds, he is pretty right; because as he rightly knows as a true son of Anioma land, it is only an “Odogwu” by the customs and tradition of Anioma land that crosses the bounds anybody and goes scotch free.

As our people say, “Odogwu ya lie na obu abi.” Thus combined with my “self-styled sectarian leader” as the President of International Coalition against Christian Genocide in Nigeria (ICAD-GEN), the onus readily falls on me to question Senator Alhaji Ned Abdullahi Munir Nwoko’s religious conspiracy against the people of Anioma land. This conspiracy is indeed legion.

It is a provocative fact that it was indeed Alhaji Ned Nwoko in collaboration with Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa and Ndudi Elumelu that wickedly acquired the Mile Five Anwai settlement for the purpose of establishing a Fulani Muslim settlement where rapid-response Fulani Jihad strike force will be stationed to kill and kidnap our people in their ancestral land, since the Oko cattle market is deemed to be too exposed for such act.

It is therefore not out of place to believe that Alhaji Ned Nwoko made his money for two reasons: first, to marry and change women in the manner of our women changing their wrappers; and second, to convert the Igbo people of Delta State to Islam (Alakuba). 

Yes! Alhaji Ned Nwoko is the official Jihad flag-bearer in Aniomaland representing not the interests of the Igbo of Delta State, but the interests of his Muslim fateful whose authority radiates from Sokoto Caliphate. The Quran which is Alhaji Ned Nwoko’s holy book is emphatic on this injunction concerning the official relationship between Muslims and Christians. In Sura (Chapter) 5:51 the Quran explicitly states: 

“Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends and protectors. They are friends and protectors of one another. Whoever of you seeks their friendship and supports them shall become one of their number.” 
From the above injunction by Alhaji Ned Nwoko’s Holy Quran it is obvious that Senator Alhaji Abdullahi Munir Nwoko can neither be the friend nor kinsman of those he is currently representing today as Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  Let Nobert Chiazor and his paymaster Alhaji Ned Nwoko come out boldly to tell the people of Aniomaland if the above injunction from the Muslim Holy Book—the Quran, does not fully explain his current relationship with them. 

Let Alhaji Abdullahi Ned Munir Nwoko stand up and boldly explain to Anioma people why they should stand akimbo while somebody like him whose religion regards them as enemy should represent them as a Senator. The reason is that the people of Delta North Senatorial zone, consisting nine Local Government Areas are ninety-nine point ninety-nine percent Christians (99.99 %) Christians. 

Nobert Chiazor tells us that “20 years after Prince Ned Nwoko bowed out in 2003 as the most vocal lawmaker representing Aniocha/Oshimili federal constituency in the House of Representatives, he took the Senate by storm in 2023, creating records.” 

Nobert Chiazor knows he is telling lies; because Alhaji Ned Abdullahi Munir did not bow out gracefully in 2003. I was part of the 2003 Delta State PDP Primaries at Asaba Stadium that saw the hitherto little known Hon Pascal Adigwe from Ogwashi trouncing him. Alhaji Nwoko knows that Anioma people did not vote for him to represent them in the Senate, in the same way Bola Ahmed Tinubu knows that Nigerians did not vote him into the Presidency.

I state this with unparalleled emphasis because our people did not vote for Senator Alhaji Nwoko, rather he ingloriously manipulated himself to victory at the most inglorious and fraudulent election in Nigerian history. 

The truth is that Alhaji Abdulahi Munir Ned Nwoko used his connections with the Sultan of Sokoto and the Jama’tul Nasr Islam (JNI) as a Muslim in the land of the unbelievers to influence the course of the Appeal Court judgment that eventually incarcerated Senator Peter Nwoboshi during the election and, which eventually paved way for his rigged victory at the election.

It is therefore not a hidden fact that Alhaji Ned Nwoko symbolizes the fountain-head of Fulanization and islamization in Aniomaland.

Nobert Chiazor in his futile attempt to white-wash Alhaji Nwoko’s putrid con-image describes him as “Entrepreneur, international lawyer, doyen of Paris club loans refunds, founder of first .sports university, Arts and Tourism connoisseur, anti -Malaria environmentalist, Antarctica explorer’….”

But the truth is that most of us walk free today not because those in the prisons and detention or facing EFCC committed more crimes than some of us; but simply because we have been able to either strictly obey the eleventh commandment, which stipulates, “Thy shall not be caught”, or we are under the protective cover of the same people charged with the responsibility of bringing us to justice. 

This is where the likes of Alhaji Nwoko fit in. Or can Ned Nwoko boldly come out to tell the world that none of the wealth he acquired is spotted in questionable deals? 
It is not enough to tell us stories of his bogus investments and companies. We have had similar stories from the likes of Chief M. K. O. Abiola, Prince Arthur Eze, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu and Rochas Okorocha among others. All these men like Alhaji Ned Nwoko were financially empowered under an emblematic Islamic cult of perpetual allegiance and subservience to Fulani Caliphate for the advancement of the cause of Islam among the Igbo. 
From all indices of moral judgment and taxonomy of self-inducing daring exploits, Alhaji Ned Nwoko is a political con-man par excellence who tactically maneuvered his way into Islamic faith through his clandestine marriage to the innocent but unfortunate Tunisian woman Laila Charani with the sole objective of swindling unsuspecting Tunisian and other Arab businessmen.

He criminally used the woman’s Tunisian ancestry and Islamic faith to con many big-time Arab businessmen through whom he maneuvered his way into the heart of Sokoto Caliphate, where he subsequently presented himself as the indisputable Amir al-muminum (Commander of the Muslim faithful) in Delta State. 

Having achieved his objectives he decided to send the poor woman packing and married one Nollywood free-market woman named Regina Daniels, making her Alhaji Ned Nwoko’s wife number six. Meanwhile Ned Nwoko has unofficially converted his first wife Lily Nwoko to the status of a glorified nanny to Regina Daniels and other wives. Islam permits its adherents to have a maximum of four wives, but Alhaji Nwoko has six. 

Thus we are witnessing Alhaji Ned Nwoko acquiring as much as six wives without any record of divorce against the injunction of his Islamic religion. What then can better define such a man than a fake Muslim? It is therefore a truism that Alhaji Ned Nwoko belongs to the class of people the Holy Quran in Sura (Chapter) 5:61 refers to when it states, “When they come to you they said: ‘we are believers’, indeed infidels they came and infidels they departed.”

Needless to state that the vast acres of land Alhaji Ned Nwoko criminally acquired from his kinsmen to establish his so-called Sports University is still a subject of dispute. But the most revealing aspect of Alhaji Ned Nwoko’s job-man scheming is that the said Sports University is indeed alleged to be registered in Saudi Arabia as an Islamic University charged with the stealth objective of training future jihadists among our people and not sportsmen and women as alleged. 

This explains why the university is yet to take off because the Saudis are telling him that what he told them was an Islamic University and not a Sports University. Is Nobert Chiazor not aware of this fraudulent fact before raising his ugly hand to write nonsense? Those who were not present when a corpse was buried would often exhume it from the legs.
This is Nobert Chiazor’s dilemma. You were invited to attack an alleged thief without knowing that the stolen item is right inside the pocket of the person who employed you to attack the alleged thief. 

Nobert Chiazor wants the people of Aniomaland to believe that Senator Alhaji Ned Abdullahi Munir Nwoko was not engaging in crass nepotism when he nominated his mother-in-law Mrs. Rita Daniels to represent Anioma people in Ohaneze Ndigbo, while he represents the same people as a Senator.
So Nobert Chiazor is telling Anioma people that Mrs. Rita Daniels, Senator Nwoko’s mother-in-law is the most qualified woman in Aniomaland to represent them in Ohaneze Ndigbo. Nobert Chiazor should inform the people of Anioma those who nominated Mrs. Rita Daniels to represent them.
Nobert Chiazor should also explain to Anioma people why of all qualified intellectually-sound Anioma sons and daughters with journalistic background it was only his intellectually indolent cousin Maxwell Peter Nwoko that Alhaji Nwoko found fit to be appointed his Special Assistant on Media.

Yet people are applauding him as their representative. There is yet no record that Senator Peter Nwoboshi appointed any member of his immediate or extended family as a legislative aid.

Nobert Chiazor in his further cacophony of irrational diatribe asks: 
“What is the problem of Nwaezeigwe with Ohaneze Ndigbo? Is he wiser than the  more experienced and visionary Ralph Uwechue, the late  Ogwashi-born Anioma renowned diplomat who once served as President General of the apex Igbo body? 
If Nobert Chiazor is cerebral enough he should have been properly informed that my problem with Ohaneze Ndigbo is still trending on the public domain. And this problem is the attempt by Ohaneze Ndigbo led by Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu and which Senator Alhaji Nwoko’s mother-in-law Mrs. Rita Daniels is member, to demonized the most historical illustrious son of Aniomaland Major Patrick Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu, by initiating a shameless apology project to the Fulani for what they described as Major Chukwuma Nzeogwu’s heinous crime of killing Sir Ahmadu Bello in the course of January 15, 1966 coup d’etat. 

I know that somebody like Nobert Chiazor will buy into this treacherous Fulani begging project aimed at demonizing the celebrated martial icon of Aniomaland Major Chukwuma Nzeogwu, in order for some shameless Igbo leaders to curry the favor of their Muslim Fulani masters like his master Alhaji Nwoko. Shameful enough, Mrs. Rita Daniels was smuggled into the committee of this treacherous Fulani begging project by her son-in-law to protect his jihad objectives.
 If Nobert Chiazor is properly informed before dropping the honorable name of Chief Ralph Uwaeche, he should have known that that respected son of Aniomaland who sacrificed his life and career to serve Biafra as her ambassador in France, was the most vilified President-General of Ohaneze Ndigbo for reasons best known to Igbo leaders. Not only was he abandoned to use his personal money to run the Ohaneze Ndigbo Secretariat, when he died, no single Southeast Governor attended his burial or sent a paper condolence message. 

Nobert Chiazor tells us that one of the achievements of Senator Alhaji Nwoko was to cause the release of criminals illegally fabricating AK-47 rifles at Onicha Olona. Should this be an achievement under a civilized polity? If Nobert Chiazor is not aware, some of us are aware that the same Alhaji Nwoko is the sponsor of the said illegal arms factory for the purpose of arming his co-Muslim Fulani herdsmen to terrorize Aniomaland as part of his jihad project. As Nobert Chiazor threw all moral cautions into the gutter and shamelessly put it:
“Senator Nwoko secured the freedom of some family members arrested by the military for manufacturing weapons in Onicha-Olona,a Delta North community. The suspects according to reports, have the skills to build drones and modify Ak-47 rifle designed to hold 30 rounds to 60 rounds. The Senator had explained that he took interest in the family because the country needed to support the development of the skills of such talented persons.”

It is therefore clear that Alhaji Nwoko’s quick intervention in the crime was to save himself from being implicated as an accomplice in the crime, and not for humane reasons as a Senator. How many of such crimes had Alhaji Nwoko intervened to save the culprits from being brought to justice in Aniomaland as their Senator?

If Alhaji Nwoko is a man of high moral standing, is that kind of heinous crime worth being advertised and celebrated in public as an achievement by a sitting Senator? This is one of the dangers of Christians having a Muslim Senator as their representative, because in Islam sound moral judgment is recluse. 
One of the fabulous lies, if not the most, presented by Nobert Chiazor was that Alhaji Ned Abdullahi Munir Nwoko was instrumental to the release of the traditional ruler of Ewu-Urhobo kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Clement Oghenerukevwe Ikolo,Urhukpe1, who was arrested and subsequently detained by military authorities over the Okuama killing of 16 soldiers and their commander. Hear him: 

“He championed the release of the traditional ruler of Ewu-Urhobo kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Clement Oghenerukevwe Ikolo,Urhukpe1, detained in Abuja by military authorities, ,following the March 14 killing of 17 soldiers on a peace mission in Okuama community. A senator representing beyond tribal boundaries.”

Was it not in the news that Urhobo leaders refused to attend any meeting called by the Government for the purpose of resolving the Okuama crisis unless their traditional was released? How did Alhaji Nwoko come into this business again?
This is one of the evidence of Alhaji Nwoko’s political con-manship. So Nobert Chiazor is telling us that Senator Ede Omueya Dafinone representing Delta Central Senatorial District was so politically limbless as to put the onus of releasing his estranged traditional ruler on Senator Alhaji Nwoko from Delta North Senatorial District?
Nobert Chiazor tells us that:
“The key function of a Senator is lawmaking. Nwoko is among the most active Senators in Nigeria with over 20 bills and dozens of motions to his credit. Amazing feat for a first time Senator.”

The question is which among these 20 bills has been passed into law? Is this not political 419? Yet people like Nobert Chiazor wants us to believe that Alhaji Nwoko’s now orchestrated motion for the creation of Anioma State does form part of these 20 scam bills without passage? Amazing feat indeed for a con-man Senator to propose 20 bills in a year without any being passed.

Nobert Chiazor tells us that Senator Alhaji Nwoko is ranked among the most respected Senators because he belongs to 16 Senate Committees; when it is the responsibility of every Senator to belong to such or more of such committees. What Nobert Chiazor failed to tell us is how many of such committees is Senator Alhaji Nwoko Chairman.

This is because that’s where the crux of respectability lies in the Senate after the principal officers. Alhaji Senator Nwoko is nothing more and nothing less a recruit Senator. This is the miracle Senator Nobert Chiazor is talking about—a Senator without committee chairmanship.

Imagine Nobert Chiazor’s wobbly defense of Alhaji Nwoko’s clandestine motion including Anioma to Southeast just to serve the interest of his Muslim Fulani masters whose intention is to water down Igbo presence in South-South geopolitical region: 

“Senator Nwoko’s call for inclusion of Anioma in South East is a plain  innocuous urge based on contiguity and equity. He is a refined democrat. South South or South East, he believes that the final decision lies with the people.”

If Nobert Chiazor actually believes that the final decision lies with the people, how many of such people did Alhaji Nwoko consult before pronouncing the inclusion of Anioma people in the Southeast? Anioma has three members of the Federal House of Representatives. Which of them did Alhaji Nwoko consult? Right from the time of the creation of Midwestern Region to Senator Nwoboshi’s tenure as Senator, no such pronouncement could be made without consultations across both political and traditional boards. 

Which traditional ruler or rulers did Alhaji Nwoko consult? Which Anioma political leadership or group did Alhaji Nwoko consult? Or does Alhaji Nwoko think Anioma people are so politically naïve that he could just stand up on the floor of the Senate and pronounce their inclusion to Southeast under the cover of creation of Anioma State without their assent? Alhaji Nwoko knows that even in his Idumuje-Ugbo town where he is notorious for oppressing the people and illegally appropriating their ancestral land that nobody will listen to him; hence his gambler-attempt to shore up his debilitating political image among the people of the Southeast clandestinely masquerading as the defender of Igbo cause.

Nwankwo T. Nwaezeigwe, PhD, DD
Odogwu of Ibusa, Delta State, Nigeria
Leader, International Coalition against Christian Genocide in Nigeria (ICAC-GEN)
Website: June 13, 2024

N/B: This opinion does not in any way reflect the thoughts of but that of the author.

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