Alleged  Misconduct: A Conspiracy Against The Police In Nsukka

Alleged Misconduct: A Conspiracy Against The Police In Nsukka

They Were Framed Up, And Escape Lynching By A Twinkle Of An Eye -Eye Witness

Keke Driver,- The Police Did Not Shoot me, They saved my Life. It was stone from the mobs that struck my nose.

By Charles Edet Esq

The proactive and gallant officers of the Nigerian police force have remained a silent and subtle   targets of unfriendly citizens, best to say criminals who have craftily initiated a new process of attacking or blackmailing police officer to enable them escape police arrest.?

This nee trend to make false allegations or manipulation of videos with photo shops to bring an officer to disrepute of an alleged unprofessionalism and or misconduct, mostly against officer who are committed to the discharge of their duties in line with police mandate to  protect the citizenry in the course of discharging their onerous task.

Prompted by the Enugu State Commissioner of police Order to investigate Officers on duty for Unprofessional Conduct In Nsukka, the National Detective Magazine, despatched it’s reporters to the state to get the actual report from the Area were the incident took place.

The incident which went viral on social media was worrisome as the incident grievously  portrayed the police as being anti the people it should have protected.

It was therefore, in response to the alleged unprofessional conduct of the officers in Nsukka that emerged on social media, which the Enugu State Commissioner of Police, CP Kanayo Uzuegbu , ordered the Deputy Commissioner in-charge of the State CID Enugu, to conduct an urgent investigation that to unravel the truth and where the officers are found wanting, will lead to appropriate disciplinary sanctions against the police officers.

In a statement signed by the Command’s spokesperson, DSP Daniel Ndukwe,  the CP  called for calm, assured the residents that no unethical conduct will be condoned under his watch.

The Commissioner, according to the release Called for calm and entreated those affected by the said acts of police misconduct to come forward and volunteer evidence that will aid the timely conclusion of the investigation and further police disciplinary actions.

The CP reaffirmed his unwavering stance against police unethical conduct and reassured the maximum protection of the rights of citizens in accordance with existing laws. Hence, he enjoins the citizenry to always support the Police Reform Agenda by remaining law-abiding and promptly reporting acts of police misconduct in the State for necessary disciplinary actions.

National Detective Magazine (NDM), went to the scene of the incident at Hilltop Nsukka and a source who requested for anonymity, shocked NDM reporters who learnt that the officers , saw a Toyota Car with some men, stopped  with intention to search their vehicle, the men resisted and on persuasion they prevailed, searched and found some weed and crystal meth, (Mkpuru mmiri) the suspects were arrested them with other illicit items and asked  to drive to the station , they resisted and argument ensued. He said, “then the men started shouting seriously, yelling on top of their voices, and youths started running to scene.”

Our source, revealed that, the youths stated hauling stones at the police as they increased in number chasing the police , damaged the wind screen of the police hilux with heavy stones and a keke driver that was close to the scene of the mobster youths had his keke not only affected by the stones from the rampaging youths but was wounded by the stone throne near his right nose, and not gun shot by the police as captured and reported in the viral video on social media. “

Digging further, NDM visited the hospital Good evening sir, the place is hilltop Nsukka  hospital  Kaetochukwu Hospital And Maternity along Urban Girls road in Nsukka town, where the keke man who was reportedly short by the police? The hospital staff refused to speak on the matter as non of them was willing to expose his/her identity. However, a nurse who offered to speak, demanded for exclusive anonymity, told NDM that “ on that faithful day, the victim was brought by some police men and and when examined for treatment, though bleeding profusely it was discovered that the wound was from a hard  object like stone that hit him” she concluded by stating that the wound was dressed and he was discharged subsequently discharged the next day,“ the nurse  said.

The nurse’s submission clearly contradicted the video that said the police fired gun  shot at the crowd which hit the victim. She also revealed , while chatting with NDM reporter that, if it was a gun shot, the keke drivers would have had his mouth upper and  tooth shattered, more the bullet would have pierced out through his neck.

Further investigation into the incident revealed that, the youths came out in mass to demonstrate their displeasure against  police effectiveness in monitoring their vicinities to fish out criminal because many of them are into drug peddling and cyber crime.

Bearing this in mind they came out angry to pounce on the police Officers in protest against their gallantry.

Their mob approach, and the fierce use of stone caused the police to take to their heels after firing two shots into the air, the mobsters were undeterred , they escaped as the mob destroyed all the glasses in the vehicle.

After the incident the boys went to edit the videos and raised a false alarm against the police, claiming one of that one of them was shot and wounded.

Inview of the Journalistic investigation,  NDM is calling on the police authority, the IGP and Enugu State Commissioner Of Police to take cognizance of the hooded enemies of the police , who are the real criminals but always out to indict the police who are on their beats to protect the citizens and fish out criminals.

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