Anambra: Tec Engineering Pleads with State Govt To Return To Site

Anambra: Tec Engineering Pleads with State Govt To Return To Site

… Pledges To Deliver Niger Road Project Promptly

By Tony Eri

TEC Engineering Company Nigeria Ltd, Engr. Xiao has pleaded with the government of Anambra State to return back to site for the reconstruction of Niger Bridge Head to Sokoto Road Junction as well as the channelization of Nwangene Stream to River Nigeria.

Speaking after a closed door meeting with Commissioner for Works, Engr. Ifeanyi Okoma at the Ministry, the Marketing Manager of the Company, Engr. Xiao assured that they would

they would complete the road section before December 1, 2023 and the channel section by the end of December 2023.

In the event of failure to meet the deadlines, they acknowledged their responsibility to pay fines as stipulated in Article 28 of the contract, or to have the contract terminated.

Recall that in July this year, Governor Soludo terminated their contract after an unscheduled inspection, owing to slow pace of work, after which TEC Engineering Ltd. has been having meetings with the Ministry of Works to synergize with the state government on possible amendments and way forward.

TEC Engineering Ltd in a letter addressed to Governor Soludo, assured the state government and ndi Anambra to deploy the best and certified technical manpower to undertake all aspects of the construction works and to insure standards and professionalism are maintained.

They also pledged to bring all needed construction equipment to the site to enhance progress and prompt delivery of the work items according to the revised program of work and obey the designs and instructions of the supervising team.

On his part, the Commissioner for Works Engr. Okoma who acknowledged holding meetings with the company, said they have looked at their program of work, methodologies, manpower disposals and equipment disposals, noting his conviction that if they abide by agreements, they will deliver.

The Commissioner also revealed that TEC Engineering Ltd has another job with the ministry of which they are doing well, which is why they were considered for a second one.

He pointed out that they have deployed new sets of equipment which is on site, and sent their Deputy Managing Director, Engr. Liu from China to supervise the project, to protect their name and integrity.

Engr Okoma who warned Contractors that it is not business as usual, stated that Anambra state is working in a different climate, as Governor Soludo is determined to deliver road infrastructure amongst other things to ndi Anambra.

“It is an agenda with a timeline and some of the contractors have been given notice to determine the intention of their job.

Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Christian Aburime, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works, Mrs Stephanie Kerry-Uzor, among other, were part of the briefing.

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