Anambra Vision 2070 And Silliness Of Soludo’s Critics

Anambra Vision 2070 And Silliness Of Soludo’s Critics

By Christian Aburime

A recent article titled “Anambra Vision 2070: Soludo Has Abandoned His Plan” authored by a faceless, mischievous, so-called ‘The Progressives Media’, masquerading as objective critique but clearly driven by political motives, attempts to paint a false narrative of Anambra State Governor, Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo’s commitment to the development of Anambra State.

By cherry-picking information and distorting facts, the politically sponsored hack writer does a disservice to the people of Anambra and desecrates the space of constructive discourse. 

But let us delve deeper and offer a more balanced perspective. Beyond benchmarking the performance of this government on a single policy document, it is crucial to clarify that Governor Soludo’s vision for Anambra State is not solely confined to the Anambra Vision 2070 plan. Instead, it is guided by a cohesive framework encompassing three key policy documents. 

First, we have the People’s Manifesto. This document, penned by Governor Soludo himself, outlines his vision for a “liveable and prosperous smart megacity,” focusing on security, economic transformation, social advancement, governance and value system, and environmental sustainability.

Second is the Transition Committee Report. Established by Governor Soludo, this report builds upon the manifesto, providing a detailed roadmap for immediate action across various sectors as the governor assumed office two years ago.

And the third is Anambra Vision 2070: while this long-term plan serves as a guiding vision, it is constantly evaluated and adapted to align with real-time needs and emerging opportunities.

Considering the foregoing clarifications, the disingenuous attempt by The so-called Progressives Media to focus solely on Anambra Vision 2070 to disparage the entire Soludo administration demonstrates the critic’s own selective agenda and ignores the comprehensive approach undertaken by Governor Soludo so far.

Indeed, all the allegations made in the skewed critique are all baseless fabrications deliberately aimed at misleading Ndi Anambra and propagating a patently phony narrative. 

Now, let us address the specific misconceptions raised by The Progressives Media, exposing its inaccuracies and highlighting the ongoing efforts of the Soludo administration.   

On Productivity, Trade & Commerce: contrary to the allegation of an “anti-trade” environment, the Soludo government is facilitating the formalization of the informal business sector, ensuring fair competition and sustainable growth.

Targeted tax breaks exist for specific sectors like ICT, agriculture, and initiatives like the “Ease of Doing Business” reforms offer concrete support to businesses. By the way, the critic is absolutely lying by claiming that “The Soludo tax army is stifling small businesses with a litany of taxes and levies that do not even have any rate/structure or put into consideration the turnover of the business not to talk of net profit.” This must be a figment of the critic’s imagination. All the government is trying to do is sanitize the revenue mobilization system in the state, free it from corruption and optimize the IGR to aid developmental projects, not to tax anybody to death. 

In the area of industry, the Soludo administration’s blueprint for economic growth is being etched with purpose and precision. A groundbreaking initiative is underway as the administration diligently crafts an industrial master plan, poised to birth a new industrial city. Central to this industrial metamorphosis is the conception of an Export Emporium, a hub of commerce and trade that will undoubtedly serve as a dynamic engine propelling the state forward at an unprecedented pace. 

In the heart of this ambitious industrialization, construction has already commenced on a wholesale drug market in Oba, a venture that holds promise for enhancing healthcare accessibility and fostering economic vibrancy. Simultaneously, the administration is nurturing the growth of a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing hub in Ogboji.

The Ogboji facility is rapidly taking shape, with 25 manufacturers already on board out of the expected 100, underscoring the palpable enthusiasm and interest in this transformative initiative.

On Agriculture: the critic’s allegation of mere seedling distribution ignores the reality. Governor Soludo is sowing the seeds of a prosperous Anambra through keen Agricultural renaissance that has germinated a visionary initiative.

Yes, a staggering 1,100,000 hybrid coconut and palm seedlings have been distributed to over 100,000 households, igniting a beacon of hope in the pursuit of eradicating poverty, fostering neo agro-industrialization, and nurturing a green and environmentally conscious state.

In the span of a mere 3-5 years, the once-humble seedlings will metamorphose into bountiful trees, yielding not only a harvest of coconut and palm oil but also emancipating families from the shackles of hunger and poverty. A household of with 10 of the seedlings stand to earn between N1m to N2m annually after 3 to 4 year of fruiting.

The seeds of today are sowing the fields of tomorrow, cultivating a landscape where countless families ascend to the ranks of millionaires. The coconut and palm seedlings revolution of the Soludo-led administration has indeed attracted attention and commendations outside the State

On Housing and Public Transportation: while the 2023-2026 budget allocation for social housing may seem limited, it reflects a strategic approach. The government is actively exploring public-private partnerships for large-scale projects, a more sustainable long-term solution. In fact, aside building a new government house and giving the Anambra State House of Assembly complex a facelift, the government has started a new Awka Capital Territory development on approximately 250 hectares of recently acquired land.

Envisioning an extraordinary urban development, Governor Soludo has signed public-private partnerships with seven leading companies, three of which have already broken ground. This venture promises to transform Awka into a modern, economically vibrant nerve centre that drives prosperity for all Ndi Anambra. 

As for transportation, the Soludo government is laying the ground for a proper transportation system through good road infrastructure first. Over the span of 22 months, a staggering 396 kilometers of roads, coupled with the construction of 2 flyovers, have been awarded and are in various stages of construction, with some already completed. Besides, there is in place a Transport Intervention Plan, outlining a commitment to modernizing the state’s infrastructure.

A completed railway master plan paves the way for a new era of efficient and accessible commuting, while contracts have been awarded for the modernization of water transportation systems to connect riverine communities and foster inclusive growth.

So, judging by the foregoing, accusing the Soludo administration of lacking direction is demonstrably false. The “Soludo Solution” agenda, with its clear focus on security, economic transformation, education, healthcare, environment and so on, provides a roadmap for action. There are a lot of projects and activities going on that showcase tangible progress, but prejudiced critics may claim ignorance.

In conclusion, Governor Soludo’s administration is evidently not operating in a vacuum. The administration’s efforts are guided by a comprehensive vision and implemented through a multi-pronged approach.

While challenges remain, dismissing Governor Soludo’s sterling achievements based on misconstrued narratives and cherry-picked information serves no purpose. Let us engage in constructive dialogue, holding the government accountable while acknowledging its genuine efforts to fulfill the promises outlined in their comprehensive vision.

By doing so, we can better contribute to the progress and development of Anambra State. Remember, responsible criticism relies on verifiable facts and a nuanced understanding of ongoing efforts.

The people of Anambra deserve better than politically motivated misinformation. Let us focus on fostering constructive dialogue and holding our leaders accountable while acknowledging their genuine efforts to move the state forward not dishing out false criticisms that are baseless and unfounded!!

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