BFBF Hails Mrs. Soludo’s Fight Against Drug Abuse

BFBF Hails Mrs. Soludo’s Fight Against Drug Abuse

A non-governmental organization under the umbrella of Balm For the Bruised Foundation, BFBF, has commended the efforts of the wife of the Anambra state governor, Mrs. Nonye Soludo in her fight against substance abuse.

The group in a statement jointly signed by the Chief Executive Officer Princess Ekwi-Ajide and the Secretary Augustine Agwulonu, stated that in Mrs Soludo has become a force in ensuring that drug abuse is flushed away the state.

According to the group ‘In an era where the battle against drug abuse is becoming more critical than ever, Mrs Soludo has emerged as a formidable force, championing the cause with unwavering dedication and impactful initiatives.

Her tireless efforts have not only raised awareness but also brought about tangible changes in communities struggling with the menace of substance abuse.

Mrs. Nonye Soludo, the wife of the Governor of Anambra State, Charles Soludo, has long been recognised for her humanitarian efforts and advocacy but her recent exploits in “operation clean Anambra of substance abuse” is in tandem with our work at BFBF and our communities will be better for it.

Her work in combating drug abuse in Anambra State from the grassroots stands out as a testament to her commitment to fostering a healthier and more prosperous society.’

The group urged the Governor’s wife to seek what can be done to tackle the impact of negative drug abuse on widows.

‘However, reports from our yet to be launched research on the “effect of drug abuse among women in Nigeria” showcased Anambra state as one of the states where the negative impact of drug abuse on women especially widows is heavy hence, we implore the Governor’s wife, to look inwards and see what can be done to change this narrative.

The report also found out that Anambra State is one of the states in the South East that has the least number of rehabilitation centres for these widows or their children and for this, drug treatment is expensive and again, we call on Mrs. Soludo to utilise her good offices to set up a centre that can cater for women who do drugs at a subsidised rate or better still, partner BFBF’s trust fund to reach more women faster through sensitisation and empowerment.

Understanding the far-reaching consequences of drug abuse, it is our mission to address the root causes and provide sustainable solutions hence Mrs. Soludo’s emphasis on grassroots campaigns resonates with us.

We must recognise that awareness alone is not enough so, let’s focus on providing support and rehabilitation for those affected by drug abuse and be instrumental to the establishment of rehabilitation centers that can in addition to medical care, also offer psychological support, vocational training, and reintegration programmes.

In celebrating Mrs. Soludo’s contributions, we recognise the profound impact of her work and the brighter future she envisions for all and as such, making our work easier.

We can, achieve a lot more and faster overcome even the most daunting challenges if we work together on all fronts as citizens, community and leaders.’ The group added.

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