Bloo® Capsule to be Launched Soon

Bloo® Capsule to be Launched Soon

It’s with ecstasy common to those who have made grand discoveries and found solutions to ravaging problems that Livy-Elcon Emereonye (Pharmacist and Natural Medicine practitioner) — the MD/CEO Letonia Int’l Ltd — the maker of Bloo Capsule announced its entrance into the market.

Bloo Capsule, among others, results from over 2 decades of intensive research towards redefining the art of medicine, medicare, and healthcare.

The formulation of this remedy, with its subsequent production, will go a long way toward promoting the attainment and enjoyment of optimum health by the people who will use it.

Bloo Capsule, a 100% herbal product, contains S. bicolor, M.pruriens, H. sabdraiffa and T.occidentalis. The phytochemical content, and the medicinal value of each of the herbs, is enormous, and combining them herbaceutically, makes Bloo Capsule unique.

Indicated for helping to build blood during infections, Bloo capsule can be used in the management of anaemia (different types of anaemia), stress, and recuperation from illness. Its rich antioxidant property makes it a good immune booster.

It can be used as an alternative therapy or a complementary remedy. In this case, it should be used at least one hour after any other medication to avoid any interaction, and it is best taken after a meal.

Sharing his experience with the guests at the pre-launch briefing, the excited MD said, “A daily dose of Bloo Capsule will help to sustain homeostasis” while appealing to people to engage in the rational use of herbal medicine for their common good. He went further to announce that the official launch of the product will be done next year in line with regulatory procedures.

Explaining the rich biodiversity of Nigeria, the Integrative Healthcare Practitioner stated that everything about the product is sourced locally, urging people, especially Nigerians to get and use Bloo capsule, saying, “It’s one remedy that should be in every home, as a supplement.”

Being scientifically selected and carefully formulated, and used as prescribed, Bloo Capsule will not only redefine the use of haematinic, but it will go a long way to boost the confidence of using herbal medicine.

The possible side effects include nausea and vomiting, and where such happen, it is better to discontinue the remedy and consult your pharmacist or clinician.

Watch out for the launching date, and plan to attend.

For more inquiries, call: 08033922445 (sms/WhatsApp) or send mail to:

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