Dear Single Mum

Dear Single Mum

You don’t need a married man to fund your life.

You understand the pain of being alone.

Don’t be the reason another woman cries at night.

Don’t be the reason another home is broken.

Don’t be the reason another sister loses her home.

First, start with contentment.

Get a job/start a business.

Live within your means.

Ask for help, when you need it.

But never get to a point where your soul becomes so hardened that you don’t care about hurting another woman.

Let’s end this trend that “single mothers end up sleeping with married men after leaving their husbands for cheating”.

Guess what? It is the same men that chase you and spend on you that troll us online the most…

If you check very well, most people who drop those hate comments are doing exactly what they are condemning you for… That’s why they speak with so much confidence.

That’s why they don’t take no for an answer.

That’s why, when you say, “I don’t date married men”,

They think that you are playing hard-to-get, because cheating and adultery has been so normalised in their world.

Change can start with you.

Do it for your sake, for your daughter’s, sisters, friends, etc.

Let’s end the stigma!


Daluchukwu Dalu

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