Different kind of Husbands

Different kind of Husbands

By Tush Bee

1. The Hard Husband

  1. The Hard Husband

This is the husband so arrogant, stubborn, unyielding, unbending. He cannot be counsel or corrected. He has no fear or honour for anybody including His wife family and he is very difficult to live with.

2. The Fake Husband

They perform very well on bed and dining table but they are irresponsible husband. They are lazy and could not provide for their family.

3. Bachelor Husband

He is a man that separate his room from his wife, He is a single married man. He is selfish and self centred.

4 Acidic Husband

He is an hot tempered person, a boxer and a wrestler. He does not take nonsense, he does not laugh, play, joke. His house is like *MILITARY CAMP* and he is a lion in the house.

5. Slave Master Husband

He believes that a woman should be seen and not heard. He turn the woman to a cook, dry cleaner, a sex machine, Baby making Factory and an house maid. He celebrate his family more than his wife and the woman will see hell if she can not give birth to a boy.

6. General Husband

He has chains of girl friends, concubines, and strange women. He spend lavishly on them. He runs after anything in skirt including the house maid and his wife younger sister.

7. The Dry Husband

He has no closeness with his wife, No Love, No Kissing and No ROMANCE* The wife must knock before entering the bedroom. He is very difficult to talk to and He has no respect for his wife even in the presence of visitors.

8. Panadol Husband

He is a man exploiting his wife to solve his own problem. He does not have a true love but only looking for something to quench his headache. He is interested in using the woman to get what he wanted.

9. Parasite Husband

He does not work; He is very lazy and irresponsible. He cannot assist his wife to make life easy for the woman. He is a big headache to the woman. He is a *Frustrater* and make the wife to cry daily.

10. Baby Husband

He is a man yet an infant both *Spiritually, Mentally, and Character wise. A baby husband is the one that *BEATS* his wife, He reject food because he is angry. He is a nagging husband who cannot listen to corrections or being influence by his wife. He keeps *MALICE* with his wife and refuse to pray together with his wife at home. He threatens to push out his wife at smallest provocation. He compares his wife with former girlfriends and other women. He does not know what is called romance all he wanted is sex. He does not do anything to improve his marriage. He reports his wife to third party and call his wife horrible names. He loves his mother more than his wife and even decide to go market himself for lack of trust that his wife will cheat him, he also demands for every change even though is not enough to buy things

11. Visiting Husband

Not always at home comes as a visitor. Provides family all material things, but has no time for them.

12. Godly Husband

He is a responsible man

He is a man that fears the Lord. He is a father, mentor, teacher and a friend to his wife and children. He is also a lovely husband.

Which kind of Husband are you or you are intending to be?

Divine Onyinye James Known as Tush Bee is an On Air Personality, an Actor, and relationship expert.

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