Do Not Lose the Right People for Wrong Reasons

Do Not Lose the Right People for Wrong Reasons

It is in the habit of some individuals to cut off from people just because such people could not meet their expectations or respond to their needs/requests as expected. Here is what you must know, the reason why you don’t get help from some people sometimes is because they do not have what you need.

Each time I look at the quantum of requests from different people asking for my assistance, it always occur to me that these people think I am very rich, not knowing that most times, I equally depend on others to meet up with some of my personal and organizational needs. So it is important to know that all of us have needs, it is just that our needs are differ.

In this month of October alone, I have received more than 20 requests for financial assistance from different people, and to be honest about it, I have not been able to respond to half of these requests. Not that I didn’t wish to assist them, but, it’s because I do not have sufficient resources to do so.

In fact, there are times I would deliberately solicit help from friends to meet the needs of other people.

Here is my point, don’t cut off from good people just because they couldn’t help you at a particular time or another. They too might be going through a difficult time you are not aware of. If you can maintain quality relationship with them, they can still render better assistance to you in future than what you expect from them today.


Learn to manage unfavourable responses from people, and be constantly aware that you cannot always get what you want from others. Even God, the Almighty, doesn’t answer all prayers. So learn not to lose right people for wrong reasons.

I Wish You A Wonderful Day!

*Gbenga Emiloju (DMPII)*

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