Elergy To Debs Ohamara

Elergy To Debs Ohamara

By Lemmy Ughegbe

In the realm of sweet and kind,

Debs Ohamara, a soul enshrined.

Her voice, a melody in the air,

Laughter infectious, beyond compare.

Youthful spirit with wisdom profound,

On the radio waves, her wisdom resounds.

Counseling with grace, a guiding light,

Confession Tuesdays, a comforting might.

Cool, calm, reassurance she’d bestow,

Easing burdens in the soft radio flow.

But fate intervened, a cruel twist,

A hit and run, a gem missed.

Hard into trailers’ jaws she was thrown,

Unconscious, in the hospital she’d groan.

Hopes lingered, days and nights we’d wait,

But the hits took their toll, sealing fate.

No goodbye uttered, you slipped away,

Hearts shattered, in sorrow we stay.

Your daughters, left with love untold,

In the void you’ve left, a story unfolds.

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