Establish Credible National Judicial Commission, Group Urges Tinubu

Establish Credible National Judicial Commission, Group Urges Tinubu

The Human Rights Writers Association Of Nigeria (HURIWA) has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to establish a national judicial commission of inquiry, composed of credible judges from the Federal judiciary and representatives from the private, public sectors and civil society.

The right group in response to concerns over escalating rates of armed kidnappings for ransom payments across Nigeria that have become a viable commercial franchise worth over N100 billion annually.

 HURIWA in a statement by its national coordinator believed that the syndicates operate with support from key influential figures within the security forces, who must be exposed and prosecuted.

The inquiry should investigate why kidnappers are successfully using telecommunication to negotiate and receive huge ransom payments without being flagged by security forces. The systematic collapse of intelligence amongst security agencies suggests conspiratorial collaboration between societal undesirable elements and some key officers in the security forces.

The group also called on the President to take decisive action against moles working with terrorists and kidnappers while operating as security operatives.

‘’Since the National Assembly has abdicated its constitutional duty to probe serious security threats like this one, it falls upon President Tinubu – as Head of Government charged with command and control of Nigeria’s armed forces -to provide an enabling environment for uncovering hidden factors behind unending cases of armed bloody kidnappings. Failure to address these issues could lead foreign investors to view Nigeria as unstable or insecure.

To secure Abuja against rising numbers of terrorists infiltrating FCT undetected by political authority figures whose personal details wield some powerful guns anyone can imagine; HURIWA proposes special funding mechanisms through emergency appropriation bills provided by executive oversight functions preventing corruption during comprehensive one-year special-security programs aimed at securing FCT forests rid all insurgents kidnapping residents since October last year warning: if determined actions backed up by formidable architecture aren’t enforced towards crushing this threat immediately then image dwindle further low just Somalia may even have more respect than Abuja .’’ the group added.

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