Even The Devil Cannot Be So Morally Bankrupt In Judgment — Justice Tsammani-Led Five Leprous-Fingers of Juridical Pettiness are Guilty of Treasonable Felony

Even The Devil Cannot Be So Morally Bankrupt In Judgment — Justice Tsammani-Led Five Leprous-Fingers of Juridical Pettiness are Guilty of Treasonable Felony

By Nwankwo T. Nwaezeigwe, PhD, DD      

Opinion: The vulture was once asked if by laying only one egg she was not a risk of the possibility of losing her only child. In her response she said, whichever way the hatching goes will always be to her benefit. If she hatches the egg and the baby is alive, it will remain her child; and if she hatches the egg and child is dead, it will become food.

This is my position with the shameless and criminally-driven shambolic verdict of the “Five Leprous Finger Justices” of the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal led by Justice Haruna Simon Tsammani. And this is the position every Nigerian citizen who is willing to stand up for the desired change in our nation should adopt without the least act of equivocation. In effect, the verdict only upholds the legitimacy of the Nigerian masses to either remove both the politicians  and their corrupt judges by the force of mass action or compel a benevolent military intervention, to save the nation.

I refer to Justice Haruna Simon Tsammani and his easy men of virtue as the “Five Leprous-Finger Justices” because, apart from the signature-physical deformation of lepers, which however will manifest in them and members of their families in no distant time with the on-going blood-stained tears and prayers of the Nigerian masses, there is no difference between the state of their hearts and minds and the bodily dispositions of the ordinary lepers in their horrible public odium, stinking sense of judgment, and a clay-molded brain of legal moronism placed on a frame of iniquitous moral bankruptcy. Indeed, we can now understand why the first action by the new Gabonese Military Junta was the dissolution of the Constitutional Court, an equivalent of Nigeria’s Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal.

On Friday June 3, 2022, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) informed Nigerians of the release of a 37-paged Regulations and Guidelines issued pursuant to Section 149 of the Electoral Act, 2022 for the conduct of the 2023 General Elections, which according to the Commission must be adhered to. Indeed even without being mentioned must be adhered to, since the action was constitutionally backed.

Section 38 particularly reads:

“On completion of all the Polling Unit voting and results procedures, the Presiding Officer shall: (i) Electronically transmit or transfer the result of the Polling Unit, direct to the collation system as prescribed by the Commission. (ii) Use the BVAS to upload a scanned copy of the EC8A to the INEC Result Viewing Portal (IReV), as prescribed by the Commission. (iii) Take the BVAS and the original copy of each of the forms in tamper [1] evident envelope to the Registration Area/Ward Collation Officer, in the company of Security Agents. The Polling Agents may accompany the Presiding Officer to the RA/Ward Collation Centre.”

Additionally, Nigerians were informed by the same INEC that the BVAS for the election was procured at the inflated cost of 105.25 billion naira, 30 percent above the normal cost. This was the same BVAS INEC told Nigerians could not perform the most crucial part of its objectives as stated in the section, yet it was used to upload the results of the elections conducted the same day, the same  venues and the same time for Senate and Federal House of Representatives.

What infraction of the Nigerian laws can better describe this action by INEC than the provisions of Chapter 38, Sections 419, 419 (A) and 419 (B) of the Nigerian Criminal Code Act? Section 419 is defined by “Obtaining goods by false pretences”; Section 419 (A)—“Obtaining credit by false pretences or other fraud”; and Section 419 (B)—“Presumption as to false pretences in certain circumstances.”

This is the same BVAS, the same section of INEC Regulations and Guidelines for the conduct of the 2023 General Elections the Five Leprous Finger-Justices of the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal used the decision of the lower Federal High Court, Abuja, as their leprous footstool to tell Nigerians that INEC was not under any constitutional obligation to follow; the same Regulations and Guidelines made by the same INEC and backed by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

What can be more treasonable than the Justices of the Federal of the Federal Republic of Nigeria flagrantly decreeing the disobedience of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; the same Constitution they swore to defend and protect? This is the height of juridical recklessness, debasement of the sacred office of Justice and criminal abuse of their commissions and oaths of offices.

We are also reliably informed from the grapevines that to commit this heinous crime of injustice against the Nigerian people and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Justice Haruna Simon Tsammani was paid the sum of 7 million US dollars and an automatic elevation to Supreme Court. Justice Abba Muhammed was paid 5 million US dollars with automatic elevation to Supreme Court; Justice Monsurat Bolaji-Yusuf was paid 5 million US dollars with automatic elevation to Supreme Court; Justices Stephen Adah and Moses Ugo who initially rejected the offer were compelled under threat of blackmail by the National Judicial Commission to accept the same offer.

 If it is agreed in law and under the principles of democracy that it is the people that decide who governs them, then any attempt to thwart the people’s will to decide who governs them becomes treasonable felony. This was the crime Justice Haruna Tsammani and members of his five Leprous-Finger Justices just committed in their verdict upholding the fraudulent election of Bola Ahmed Tinubu. And having been found guilty of treasonable felony against the Nigerian electorates, Justice Tsammani and his Leprous-Finger members must face the desired judgment in whatever form the people decide to undertake.

The era of watching fraudulent Judges collude with stinking corrupt politicians to toy with the destiny of the nation will no longer be tolerated. For the life of every Nigerian killed or maimed in the course of the last General Elections, any Justice found to engage in acts considered to be a miscarriage of justice against the will of the people must be made to pay with his life and those of members of his family. There shall be no sacred cow in this regard. Nigerians shall rise and make sure that Justice Haruna Tsammani and his other members of Five Leprous-Finger Justices are not allowed to reap the proceeds of their heinous crime, neither shall members of their families be so allowed.

The same application of justice mutatis mutandis, shall be applied to all the senior officials of INEC up to Professor Mamoud Yakubu. No life of any citizen of Nigeria is superior or inferior to the other. If Justice Haruna Tsammani and his Leprous-Finger colleagues did not consider that many innocent lives were wasted and many more maimed in the course of the last General Elections in their satanic pronouncement, then they should be ready to pay with their lives and those of the members of their families. Unless this is done as an example with these heartless corrupt Justices, there will never be any justice in Nigerian elections.

The vocation of any Judge, from the nuclear family to the Olympian height of the Supreme Court of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is beyond the mundane act of deciding the balance of the pendulum of facts in any dispute before him. It is a divine commission attached to God’s ultimate judgment of humankind through a string of moral self-judgment clad in sublime sense of human feeling.

 In this case, a judge should not see himself as an imperious human being because of the powers of life and death placed on his hands, or being responsible to the human beings who appointed him for pecuniary reasons, but should see himself as one only responsible only to the unseen Chief Justice of the world who remains for eternity the Supreme and Ultimate God.

This is the meaning of the symbolic “Lady Justice.” She is blind to technicalities; she is blind to ethnic considerations; she is blind to religious bias; she is blind to the osmosis of illegitimate money and, blind to anything mundane that might adversely and unjustly swerve the weight of the evidence against just decision.

But the Nigerian “Lady Justice” operates with her eyes open and wields her “Sword of Justice” not in accordance with institutionalized principles of justice but in accordance with the fraudulent osmosis of pecuniary interest. In other words, the justice system of Nigeria flows towards the point of thickest personal financial gain and not towards the point of thickest evidence and moral rectitude.

This is because even in the realm of the generic physical sciences the swing of any pendulum is determined by the forces of gravity relative to the tilt of the frame holding the pendulum. If the frame is equitably balanced, then there will be even swing of the Pendulum and the gravitational force will not be discriminatory in its reaction to the swinging velocity of the pendulum. But if it is corruptly tilted to one side, definitely the gravitational force will pull the swing in accordance with the corrupted position of the pendulum frame.

The Muslim Judges might not understand the meaning of justice under this divine context, but truly Christian Judges do; with even those Christian Judges with strong traditional backgrounds knowing better. This is because the Islamic doctrine of Taqiyya (Doctrine of Deception) supports and recommends lying and deception against members of other religions to advance the cause of Islam and interests of fellow Muslims.

According to Al-Taqiyya fi al-Islam—the authoritative Arabic doctrinal opinion on Taqiyya, “Deception” and “lying” against non-Muslims are fundamental to the advancement of the Islamic faith and protection of individual and collective Muslim interests against non-Muslims. This is scripturally supported by Sura (Chapter) Chapter 3, verse 28 of the Quran, which states inter alia:

“Let not believers take disbelievers as allies rather than believers. And whoever [of you] does that has nothing with Allah, except when taking precaution against them in prudence. And Allah warns you of himself, and to Allah is [final] destination.”

In fact, the extreme importance of deception and lies as acceptable doctrinal practice in Islam is further sanctioned by Sura (Chapter) 2, verse 173 of the Quran which even approves the eating of pork if circumstances demand. In his opinion, the Islamic scholar Ibn Kathir stated: “Whoever at any time or place fears their [Infidel’s] evil, may protect himself through outward show.” He went further to quote in support of his assertion two of Muhammad’s companions; Abu Darda who said: “Let us smile to the face of some people while our hearts curse them”; and al-Hassan who said: “Doing taqiyya is acceptable till the day of judgment.”

Prophet Muhammad himself is quoted as saying in the Hadith “Sahih Bukhari”: “If I take an oath and later find something better, I do what is better and break my oath.” Indeed, such notable Islamic theologians as al-Qurtubi, al-Razi and al-Arabi went to the extent of extending Taqiyya to allowing Muslims to behave like infidels such as bowing down and worshipping idols and crosses, and if possible exposing the weak points of fellow Muslims, which would however not amount to death, to infidels, in order to strictly gain their confidence to the advantage of the cause of Islam.

It is against the background of Taqiyya that Nigerian Christians should view the recent judgment of the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal upholding the fraudulent election of Bola Ahmed Tinubu by the Five Leprous-Fingers Justices. The Chief Justice of the Federation, Justice Olukayode Arowoola who is not only Yoruba but Muslim is bound to this concept of Taqiyya and for that reason does not understand the principles of Justice based solely on the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This explains why the appointment of the members of the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal was done in such a way as to favour Bola Tinubu in the spirit of Taqiyya.

Specifically instructive is the Chairman Justice Haruna SimonTsammani from Tafawa Balewa Local Government Area of Bauchi State, a supposedly Christian majority area of the majority Muslim State. Justice Tsammani is a man of Muslim spirit and Christian body operating with chameleonic dexterity within the devious realm of Taqiyya. This is aptly noted in his artful interchange of the prominence of the two names— Muslim “Haruna” and Christian “Simon.”

During the regime of President Olusegun Obasanjo who is a Christians, he used Simon as his first name. When President Umoru Yar ‘Adua became President he returned to Haruna.  When President Goodluck Jonathan became President he changed back to Simon. When Muhammadu Buhari became President he returned to Haruna. With such a man who changes his first name as a woman changes her wrapper at the helm of a panel determining the political destiny of the Nigerian nation, nothing short of a morally debased verdict should not have been expected.

Backing Justice Tsammani in his crooked mission were his two radical Muslim points-men, Justice Monsurat Bolaji-Yusuf and Justice Abba Muhammad, who together with Justice Tsammani contracted a third party to write the judgment as a joint-venture on their behalf without the consent of Justice Stephen Adah and Justice Moses Ugo. This explains why they could not read out the judgments from the point of individual opinions but rather adopted fraudulent strategy of what the Igbo call “Igwe-Bu-Ike.”

The roll-call of the other four members of the five leprous fingers Justices shows that only Justices Stephen Adah and Justice Moses Ugo are truly Christians, whose initial damaging minority judgments became only the points of reference to their patches of moral evidence.

The reason of going a bit into details on the hidden Taqiyya forces of the judgment is to let every Christian leader supporting the fraudulent Muslim-Muslim Presidency of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, because he is a Yoruba man and Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a Yoruba man to know that he is not only digging his grave and those of members of his Church but those of his generations yet unborn. Supporting the cause of Islam in Nigeria today under the cover of ethnic solidarity is foolishness unto Christ and an act of Philistine conspiracy. Bola Ahmed Tinubu can never be a better Yoruba man than Muslim.

 Nwankwo T. Nwaezeigwe, PhD, DD          

Odogwu of Ibusa

Institute of African Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Leader, International Coalition against Christian Genocide in Nigeria (CAC-GEN)

Email: nwaezeigwe.genocideafrica@gmail.com

Website: https://cac-gen.org

Date: September 8, 2023

N/B : This is soley an opinion of the author and does not in any way reflect the thoughts of Portfolio Media

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