Exercise Should Never Be a Punishment for Eating- Mrs Soludo

 Exercise Should Never Be a Punishment for Eating- Mrs Soludo

By Tony Eri

In a powerful statement, Anambra’s First Lady, Mrs. Nonye Soludo, emphasized the importance of reframing relationship with exercise and food. She declared, “Exercise should never be punishment for eating.”

This quote resonates deeply in a society where many people view exercise as a way to atone for indulging in food.

Mrs. Soludo’s message  is an encouragement  to shift  people’s mindset to focus on the positive aspects of physical activity and healthy eating.

‘’Exercise should be a celebration of our bodies’ capabilities, a way to boost our mood and energy, and a means to improve our overall well-being. It should never be a form of punishment or a way to compensate for enjoying food.’’

By adopting this mindset, ‘’we can cultivate a healthier and more balanced approach to fitness and nutrition. Let’s embrace exercise as a joyful experience and nourish our bodies with wholesome foods, free from guilt and shame.’’

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