FCT: Address Escalating Insecurity – HURIWA to Tinubu, Service Chiefs

FCT: Address Escalating Insecurity – HURIWA to Tinubu, Service Chiefs

Alarmed by the deteriorating security situation in the Federal Capital Territory FCT Nigeria, a leading advocate for human rights and security HURIWA has called on President Tinubu and Service chief to address the escalating insecurity.

HURIWA in statement by its national coordinator, Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko said that ‘’In recent times, FCT has become a hotbed of insecurity, with a surge in kidnappings, killings, and the alarming disappearance of university students. Abuja residents find themselves living in a constant state of fear as they witness the steady decline in security within the city center and its outskirts. ‘’

This deteriorating situation has left motorists and commuters vulnerable to indiscriminate abductions and robberies, eroding the once-peaceful atmosphere of the capital city.

‘’President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s inability to take decisive action and compel heads of security forces to address this security crisis is a matter of grave concern. The failure to curb these major terrorist attacks, kidnappings, and armed attacks during his tenure has shaken the confidence of Abuja residents and raised questions about the government’s commitment to their safety.’’

The right group maintained that the safety and security of individuals are fundamental human rights that must be upheld by any responsible government adding that the persistent insecurity in the FCT threatens these rights and has left residents in a constant state of fear and vulnerability.

‘’HURIWA acknowledges the complex challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in addressing this crisis. However, we believe that urgent action is required to safeguard the lives and well-being of all residents of the FCT. ‘’

‘’The deteriorating security situation in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), where motorists and commuters are being abducted and robbed indiscriminately, demands urgent attention. To address this crisis, the civil rights group pointed out that to address this dire state of security, relevant authorities need to, as a matter of urgency, resolutely take the following steps:

“Sack and re-appoint an effective police chief. It is imperative that the Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Olukayode Egbetokun, be relieved of his duties if he is unable to contain the escalating security challenges. His replacement should be based on merit, competence, and a proven track record in handling security matters, free from nepotism or ethnic bias. The new appointment for the role of Inspector-General of Police must prioritize competence and a dedication to restoring law and order. This should include a commitment to addressing security concerns promptly and effectively, without compromise.

“President Tinubu should launch a comprehensive review of security measures within the FCT and work closely with security agencies to develop a robust strategy for combating terrorism, kidnapping, and other criminal activities. This strategy should include intelligence-driven operations, community engagement, and improved coordination among security

“Increase the visibility of law enforcement personnel, particularly in vulnerable areas and along major transportation routes. This presence can act as a deterrent to criminals and provide reassurance.

“Implement intelligence-driven operations and surveillance to proactively identify and respond to criminal activities. Leveraging technology for real-time monitoring can aid in rapid response.

“Establish and empower community policing initiatives that encourage residents to actively participate in their own security. Local communities often have valuable information that can help law enforcement.

“Enhance coordination and cooperation among various security agencies, including the police, military, and intelligence services. A unified approach can better address complex security challenges.

“Invest in the training and equipping of police personnel to handle evolving security threats effectively. Modern technology and equipment can aid in crime prevention and response.

“Through awareness campaigns, the general public also needs to be educated about security risks and the importance of reporting suspicious activities. Abuja residents must be actively encouraged to cooperate with the police by providing valuable information.

“Ensure that the legal system provides for the swift prosecution of criminals. Delays in the justice system can undermine the deterrence factor.

“Address the root causes of criminality through social programs that provide opportunities and support for marginalized communities, reducing the incentive for involvement in criminal activities.

“It’s crucial that political leaders at all levels demonstrate a strong commitment to addressing security concerns. This includes allocating resources and prioritizing security in policy and budget decisions. He added.

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