Feedbacks: Key Roles Of Journalists In Crises Moment -Ilediagu

Feedbacks: Key Roles Of Journalists In Crises Moment -Ilediagu

The Media and Journalists remain the greatest partner of the constituted authorities in a Crises Moment. The danger of smearing such relationship is better left untold.

Once there are misunderstanding between the government and any sector of the society, such as the Media fee Professional: Professional Advice from the professionals in that sector can easily resolve it. But more damages can be caused when non professional like a security officer is empowered to solve perceived “relationship-glitch” or conflict.

However, what are the roles of Journalists in a Crises Moment?

The basic role of a journalist in a Crises Moment includes but not limited to dissemination of information. Over the years, journalists are only people the masses can rely on for credible and factual information. It is our primary job to inform the populace. This has enabled them (Journalists) to build large number of audience and trust from the populace; something that no resealable government should ignore.

In the moment of uproar, people need to know what’s  happening as fast as possible to avoid running into a violence scene unaware; hence, they depend on the News and Credible platforms.

It is important to know that an on the spot reporting, will definitely save more lives, which is more important than the fear it could create. Put simple, if there were shootings at a location and it was not in the news; there is tendency that someone would or may run into the war front; hence the need for publishing such stories instantly.

 Another obligation is factual reporting of crises with the aim of building confidence on the people. The danger in stopping the reporting or application of “denials approach” is that people who witnessed the near anarchy may end up disbelieving the government. Then, how can the government build truth with the people in a situation like this?

Feedbacks; how will the government ascertain a credible performance of their approach in solving a Crises Moment without reliable news or information? It is through such reviews or constructive criticism that government would evaluate their policies, approach and programs in solving crises.

Alerting the Government and relevant authorities in a moment of an Uproar is equally one key role of the Journalists. It is through such report that the security agencies can mobilize and restore peace and order.

Imagine a situation where there is no media houses, no social media or news?  Imagine a moment where there are no one who can write or talk about what’s happening in the society? The truth remains that the society will be doomed.

Having a silenced media in a democratic society is strange. “Publish and Die” approach have never helped any government, and not even the military!

To build the confidence of the people, Government must take responsibility, and react to issues based on its merit. No government on earth has solved the entire challenges facing his people; but the difference lies on the commitment, and sincerity of purpose.

The People and the Government must be on the same page to put an end to every challenge facing them…..

Author | | Michael Ilediagu, Publisher, News Center

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