FFN DG Urges Federal, State Govts to Hoist Flags As Sign Of Patriotism

FFN DG Urges Federal, State Govts to Hoist Flags As Sign Of Patriotism

The Director-General and Chief Vexillologist of The Flag Foundation of Nigeria, FFN, Agiri Chris has called on Federal, State institutions to ensure that they hoist a clean and straightened Nigeria flag on their buildings and facilities.

Giving insights on the national Flag, the DG flag Foundation in a media parley described the flag as a national symbol, an instrument of the sovereignty and a representation of authority adding that no emblem or flag should be placed or flown higher than the flag of Nigeria.

Expressing disappointment on abuse of the Nigeria Flag on the National Flag Day and the flag-off of the National Flag Awareness Campaign Chris said it is beyond embarrassing to see the symbol of Nigeria as represented in the flag, in a tattered form.

According to him, Institutions of state must take the first step to reinvent the wheel of national progress and a shared commitment to make Nigeria work. It is imperative that Nigerians understand that the (Green and White) Nigeria National Flag is our nation’s MOST DISTINCTIVE ICON and most powerful identity that is owned and shared by all Nigerians.

“Nigerians must realise that when we raise the flag, we raise our collective identity and shared heritage above the narrowing prisms of tribe, religion, language, ethnicity, culture and traditions, and it a stark reminder that in the eyes of the world.

“As a non-governmental, and non-partisan organization committed to the ideals of engendering patriotism and stimulating nationalistic consciousness using the National Flag as a tool to drive home this noble objective.

“The Flag foundation of Nigeria recognise that allegiance to Green White Green national flag is sacrosanct. For us and essentially all institutions of state and nation, all individuals of varying tribes and tongues the flag endures as a sacred object of civic pride that binds us together in national unity and brotherhood.

The forum applauded late Michael Taiwo Akinwunmi, the designer of national flag, for designing the nation’s ultimate respect symbol and  requested the Federal Government to immortalize his name.


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