Glisten Intl Academy  Represents Nigeria at Global Robotics Contest

Glisten Intl Academy Represents Nigeria at Global Robotics Contest

Glisten International Academy will be representing Nigeria at the 2024 World Global Robotics Competition at Dallas, United States of America.

Robotics is the interdisciplinary study and practice of the design, construction, operation, and use of robots.

A Nigerian, Engr Silas Adekunle, is World highest paid Robotics Engineer. He has gained global recognition and we can actually replicate him. Perhaps with Students of Glisten International Academy participating in this Competition it is a wake up call for the Federal Government to do more through introduction of Robotics in Schools Curriculum.

Robots, since its inception has helped the human race in day to day operations and in the development of Artificial intelligence. It has also been showcased largely in Movies to further buttress the need for Robots. Omeife is the world first African humanoid robot. Created by a team of Engineers at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. The team’s goal was to develop a robot to help with house hold chores and provide healthcare and education.

Robotics is rarely discussed in Nigeria, but the tides are changing, as the Students of Glisten International Academy have broken the myths around the field of the Robotics.

The School, during the COVID-19 built a Robot that interfaced with patients to reduce the number of human contacts with Nurses and Doctors.

Their various achievements in this field has earned the school international recognition by the World Robotic Association.

To this end, an 18 member delegation from Glisten International Academy, led by Dr Samira Jibir, PhD, will be flying the Nigerian flag in Dallas, United States of America.

The delegates include the Executive Director, Glisten International Academy, Abba Saidu, Robotics Coaches, Students and Representatives of Parent Teachers Forum.

The event will showcase talents and potentials of young Nigerians competing favourably with other young minds at the Worlds largest robotics competition.

Nigeria is full of potentials, with the right mindset and proper funding, we will shine again. It is expected that government of President Ahmed Tinubu will show more interest and invest in Robotics for the good of the nation. Robotics will come in handy to tackle some of Nigeria’s problems if adequately harnessed.

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