Governor Uzodimma’s Visits to Abuja Are Yielding Great Benefits To Imo, Southeast

Governor Uzodimma’s Visits to Abuja Are Yielding Great Benefits To Imo, Southeast

Onwuasoanya FCC Jones

It is important to state from the onset that governance is not adversely affected when a governor or President travels out of station. Leaders all over the world are always on the move.

No leader worth his salt would sit down at a place because he wants to govern. In fact, it is only a “local champion” or an insecure leader who would believe that staying at a place or remaining in the office all the time is a sign of responsibility.

There is a saying in Igbo land that says that a traveler is always wiser than the elderly and we also say that the constant traveler is usually a friendly person; Ojemba enweilo. In this age and time, governance has become digital and a governor can run his administration from anywhere in the world.

There have been times when the US President, the Vice-president and the Secretary of State were all out of the US for many days, yet, reasonable people did not worry about that because governance runs smoothly.

In fact, in the United States and every other advanced democracy, leaders are rated by how often they travel and what they bring home from such trips. That is what we call foreign relations or international diplomacy.

Some people may argue that visiting Abuja is not foreign relations or diplomacy, but that would be because such people do not understand context. Within a country, relations between States, especially, in a federalism, could be correctly adjudged as diplomacy, because a federalism guarantees a level of autonomy to States, but States that isolate themselves would most likely be backward because they would lose the many largess that come from constant interaction, especially, with the centre.

Even big businesses do not need the constant physical presence of their Chief executives to thrive. Any business that cannot run efficiently in the physical absence of its chief executive is a poorly run business.

A good chief executive must be able to employ good hands who can effectively run the business while they go around the world building contacts and attracting investments that would further strengthen the firm. Governor Uzodimma has a formidable team in place, and with advanced technologies in information and communication, the governor’s absence at any time is neither felt nor does it obstruct governance in any way. Of course, he can run the State from anywhere in the world.

Ours is a third world attempt at federalism and those who have some knowledge of politics and government administration would agree that Third World countries have their unpalatable peculiarities. In Nigeria, Abuja is not just the seat of the national government but the nervous system of the country, where, both power and economy are decided.

A governor who relaxes in his State while the real power play and economics of the nation are decided in Abuja is but a mere spectator in the governance of Nigeria.

His Excellency Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, CON, GSSRS, would be more comfortable relaxing in Owerri, without visiting Abuja, if it is not absolutely necessary to do so, because, if not for anything else, the risks involved in flying to Abuja all the time and the jet lags that come with these trips are very discomforting, but the governor has to take these pains to ensure that he brings the best to Imo State nay the Southeast.

Imolites of good conscience are appreciative of the governor’s enormous sacrifices and exhilarating work rate, which has ensured that Imo State is relaunched on the national map for good, while the Southeast gradually reclaims its place as the indispensable leg in the tripod on which Nigeria is built.

The governor does not go to Abuja for jamborees, nor for any kind of relaxation, but for work, and all the work he does is for the economic improvement and growth of our dear State.

Beyond working assiduously for the improvement of Imo nay Southeast’s economic and social recovery, Governor Uzodimma’s ideas and strategies are highly sought-after by Aso Rock.

As the Chairman of the Progressive Governors’ Forum, he is integral to key economic strategies and reconstructive ideas of the federal government aimed at recovering  and reviving our struggling economy and making life easier for the populace. His intellect, forthrightness, patriotism and untiring work rate make him a strong partner of the President in the task of building a Nigeria we shall all be proud of.

Like the ancient Greek Philosopher, Democritus said; “The wise man belongs to all countries, for the home of a great soul is the world.” No one should expect a shining star of Nigeria nay African politics to box himself in the Imo State Government House while his rich ideas and unique problem solving skills can help him attract better dividends to our people in Imo and the entire Southeast.


Onwuasoanya FCC Jones is the Special Adviser to the Governor of Imo State on Public Communication.

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