Group Advocate for FCT ‘Missing Penises’ Police Squad

Group Advocate for FCT ‘Missing Penises’ Police Squad

Pro-Democracy and civil rights advocacy group- Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has called on the minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Bar Nyesom Wike and the security agencies especially the Nigeria Police Force to set up a special ‘MISSING GENITAL ORGANS AND ANTI- ONE CHANCE ROBBERS SQUAD’.

This is following the growing concerns over the activities of some criminal elements who are reportedly on the prowl in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT Abuja and other states of the federation stealing male genital organs.

HURIWA also asked insurance companies to introduce policies on MISSING GENITAL ORGANS to help mitigate the consequences of such an outrageous criminality if it is established to be factually and empirically proven.

The Rights group said government should act swiftly to educate the citizens to separate facts from rumours.

The group lamented that in recent times, there has been an increase in reported cases of disappearance of genital organs in some states in the North Central, particularly in Kogi, Nasarawa, Kaduna and the nation’s capital. But regrettably, the police authority in FCT are very dismissive of this serious danger to the wellbeing of the citizens of the FCT and often deny that such exists when in fact and in reality, stealing of male genital organs are spreading like wild fire in recent times.

HURIWA said it is rather absurd that rather than study and gain fuller apprehensions of the methodology whether orthodox  or unorthodox applied by the criminals, police have unfortunately chosen to feign ignorance and maintain that  it is yet unclear how the miscreants carry out such acts, but worried residents of the FCT have, for over a month now, been living in fear following reported cases of ‘stealing’ of manhoods.

HURIWA affirmed that it is factually correct to say that there are different accounts of how the heinous crime is being perpetrated in the city. While some said a mere conversation with the alleged manhood thief can cause disappearance of the victim’s penis, others said it happens after a physical contact, including handshake.

HURIWA recalled vividly that on August 23, the Nasarawa State Police Command, while cautioning residents against jungle justice being meted out to the alleged organ thieves in the state, revealed that some persons were attacked over same allegations in Nasarawa Eggon, Obi, Lafia and Keffi Local Government Areas of the state.

The State’s Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Ramhan Nansel, however, said a medical examination conducted on the alleged victims, “gave all of them a clean bill of health”, saying there was no basis for the allegations. On September 20, some irate youths in phase 2, Gwagwalada area of the FCT, lynched a yet-to-be-identified young man for allegedly stealing a resident’s manhood.

Three days after the incident, another resident, Lucky Josiah was accused of causing the disappearance of one Rokeeb Saheed’s manhood. The Police Public Relations Officer, SP Josephine Adeh, while confirming the ugly development, said that officers of the command quickly responded to a distress call that a victim was being lynched.

Although the FCT PPRO revealed that after medical examinations were conducted on Saheed, his male organ was “confirmed to be fine, and Lucky’s injuries were treated”, residents of the city have continued to record similar incidents almost on a daily basis in both the city centre and satellite towns. On Friday last week a disturbing motion picture which captured an alleged manhood thief being subjected to torture and dehumanization by mob, including some security operatives surfaced online.

In the video, the alleged thief who was accused of stealing two manhoods, was heard saying he is innocent of the allegations.

HURIWA however faulted the cynicism of the police and urged the FCT administration led by Mr. Nyesom Wike to work with the FCT command of the police and all other security forces to set up a special ‘MISSING PENISES AND ANTI-ONE CHANCE ROBBERS’ SQUAD to confront the twin social crimes of missing male organs and the operations of obe chance robbers.

Only yesterday, an Abuja-based lawyer, Opeyemi Adewale, had recounted her ordeal in the hands of suspected kidnappers who abducted her in the Federal Capital Territory on September 26, 2023.

Adewale dusclosed that her husband and colleagues parted with N1m before she was released. She said her ordeal started when she boarded a 14-seater bus on the evening of September 26 at a park in Lugbe not knowing that it was a “one-chance” bus. The lawyer said she realised that she was in trouble when, six minutes into the trip, the man who sat beside her started attacking her. She said it was at that point that she realised that out of all the occupants of the bus, only she and two other women were real passengers while others were members of the gang.

HURIWA in statement by its national coordinator, Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko stated that the victim of one chance robbery in the FCT explained thus: “They started beating me and the other two ladies in the vehicle. When they were done, they asked what I do for a living, I lied that I was a teacher that just resigned.

They asked how much I earned, I said it was less than N30,000. Then they asked about my husband, I said he too is a poor trader.

“They checked my bag, saw my ATM card, and requested my PIN. They emptied my account, collected all the cash on me and asked me to call my family that they were taking us to Kaduna and that one Alhaji was going to use us for a ritual but if we could call someone to pay a ransom of N1m they would release us.”

She said as she was making attempts to speak with her family members to raise funds for her release, her abductors kept driving around the city. According to her, around midnight, her husband and colleagues were able to raise funds that were sent to the robbers before she was released. Adewale added that the money that was sent for her release was paid into her account while the robbers withdrew the money from a POS operator.”

 HURIWA advocates for the establishment and proper funding of this special purpose policing mechanisms to combat the growing trends of missing genital organs of men and the check the rising fatalities resulting from the robbery activities of one chance robbers who have been operating in Abuja for years now.

The Rights group lamented that the reason no minister in the FCT takes the matter serious is because the victims are mostly drawn from the poorest of the poor who patronise commercial vehicle operators just as the Rights group has told Minister Wike to act decisively and crush these vicious robbers because no rich person in Nigeria does not have poor relatives who may be entangled in this vicious crime of one chance robbery in the FCT.

HURIWA said government that does not take steps to protect lives and property of the citizens is an administration in gross violation of the PRIMARY CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY OF ANY GOVERNMENT AS Enshrined IN THE GRUND NORM.

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