Group Call for Official’s Arrest, Prosecution over 5B Yacht

Group Call for Official’s Arrest, Prosecution over 5B Yacht

The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has called for the arrest and prosecution of government officials who authorized the acceptance of the yacht worth N5 billion.

Just as the right group criticized the Federal Government for attempting to budget five billion Naira for a presidential yacht.

 In a statement by its Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko, HURIWA expressed disappointment in both Presidency and Senate’s handling of this scandalous matter.

According to HURIWA, President Tinubu’s decision to push for procurement of the N5billion Yacht and Senator Mohammed Ndume’s admission that it was already in possession of Nigerian Navy before any budgetary proposal makes this matter suspicious and ludicrous.

Earlier in November, during a review of supplementary budget, Ali Ndume clarified that there was no controversy surrounding Presidential Yacht worth about N5 billion. He claimed that it had been signed and delivered but not paid before public outcry.

The Presidency has also denied originating idea but asserted that it was an idea by navy under immediate past administration.

The rights group waited days to see if some characters from last administration were responsible for authorizing delivery even before legally permissible payment approval from Parliament had been made by them; however, central government decided to let matter slide.

HURIWA believes procurement process failed test transparency since it wasn’t implemented compliance with 6 principles public procurement under extant Procurement Act 2007 which are accountability, fairness reliability transparency ethical standards economy.

 HURIWA calls on President identify arrest prosecute government officials who authorized acceptance yacht worth N5 billion where part is paid dollars absolutely unconstitutional since Nigeria’s national currency is naira.

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