Group Condemn Killing of Civilians by Army in Delta State

Group Condemn Killing of Civilians by Army in Delta State

The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has strongly condemned the alleged killing of two young individuals in Okere community of Warri, Delta State on Saturday.

The right group in a statement by its national coordinator cited available media information that disclosed how security operatives believed to be soldiers from the 63 Brigade of the Nigerian Army shot no fewer than two persons at Okere Community in Warri Metropolis of Delta State on Saturday.

 Expressing concern over what it described as ‘’lack of efforts by the Nigerian Army’s hierarchy to instill discipline and professionalism among its ranks, file and officers’’, The rights group quoted various sources as identifying Macaulay Uku and another individual simply identified as Eguono as victims of extrajudicial execution by soldiers.

According to reports, Uku was shot early in the afternoon while Eguono was shot later following a disagreement between soldiers and youths.

Although it is unclear what triggered this latest crisis in Itsekiri enclave of Warri, some sources claim that it relates to Olu Atuwatse III’s visit to the sanctuary during his sojourns across Itsekiri communities.

 A local source said one side claimed he attempted dabbing olive oil but was prevented by youths from doing so.

‘’It remains uncertain how soldiers were deployed into this community; however, according to media reports Brigadier General Sanusi Aliyu couldn’t be reached for comment regarding these allegations.’’

Reacting sharply against this incident, HURIWA called on Chief Of Army Staff Lieutenant General Taoreed Lagbaja for transparent mechanisms that can help identify killer soldiers who must then face prosecution before court martial or regular court proceedings.

The group also demanded that Nigeria’s army leadership take more than just routine measures towards addressing such incidents involving unlawful killings perpetrated by unruly military personnel.

These provocative acts are absolutely despicable with no justification whatsoever for taking innocent lives – especially those belonging to very young citizens who should have been protected rather than murdered mercilessly.

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