Group Condemn Tinubu’s Approval of Military Base In Plateau State

Group Condemn Tinubu’s Approval of Military Base In Plateau State

The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has strongly condemned President Bola Tinubu’s recent approval to establish a military base in Plateau State following the tragic Christmas Eve attacks that claimed the lives of over 200 villagers.

HURIWA, in a press statement, argued that setting up a military barracks in Miller Farm (Gada Biyu) Mbar District of Bokkos local government area is not an effective solution to address the longstanding violence plaguing the state.

“Plateau State has been marred by recurrent violence and deadly conflicts for decades, resulting in the loss of thousands of lives and widespread destruction. The recent Christmas Eve attacks left many communities devastated and increased insecurity among residents.”

“In response to escalating violence, President Tinubu approved immediate establishment of another military base expecting it would enhance security and curb further bloodshed. However, HURIWA raised concerns about its effectiveness since Plateau State already has 3rd Division Nigerian Army with hundreds of personnel providing significant presence.”

Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko, National Coordinator of HURIWA who signed Press Statement emphasized resolving Plateau State’s crisis requires addressing underlying grievances holding perpetrators accountable for their actions.

“Setting up barracks where soldiers will reside falls short; arresting culprits identifying sponsors ensuring swift justice delivery including possibility death penalty payment commensurate compensation victims needless mass murders long before current administration emerged continue.”

“A division constitutes comprehensive force comprising between 7,000-22,000 personnel under major general command typically encompassing minimum two maneuver brigades artillery brigade signals unit other supporting elements. Building barracks provides better accommodation but no viable solution preventing terrorism; instant justice swift military actions wipe off terrorists best approach carry out mass killings apprehended prosecuted swiftly punished with instant death penalty.”

“The imperative lies in apprehending perpetrators discerning motivations swiftly delivering justice necessitates thorough investigations uncover identities assailants their backers administering most severe penalties including death penalty swiftly deter future atrocities.”

HURIWA also highlighted history dating back to 1990s criticized government failure address root causes conflict effectively lamented numerous incidents unresolved perpetuating cycle impunity further bloodshed.

The right group stressed importance upholding rule law ensuring justice all victims regardless ethnic religious background condemned politicization called on government prioritize protection above political considerations.

“In harrowing timeline spanning nearly three decades Plateau State plagued by recurrent violence deadly conflicts resulting loss over 4k lives widespread destruction property from ethnic violence erupted contentious appointment Alhaji Mato sole administrator Jos North LGA attacks farmers suspected armed herders region mired cycle bloodshed turmoil militia factions often divided along ethnic lines engaged endless wars claiming soft targets wreaking havoc communities.”

“Despite efforts security forces peace-building agencies underlying grievances fueling violence remain unresolved mayhem unleashed innocent lives underscore urgent need comprehensive measures restore lasting peace.”

 HURIWA emphasized that establishing military bases is not the solution to violence in Plateau State rather they advocated for rigorous law enforcement thorough investigations swift prosecution perpetrators end cycle ensure lasting peace security in the region.

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