How The PEPT Judgement by The Supreme Court Will Impact Imo Governorship Election

How The PEPT Judgement by The Supreme Court Will Impact Imo Governorship Election

Onwuasoanya FCC Jones

Opinion: I can tell you for free that every single one of those pretending to be running for governorship election against Governor Hope Uzodimma is fully aware that they don’t stand a chance in this election. They agree fully with me that this election is already won and lost but some of them are banking on any last minute political accident that could push Governor Uzodimma away and launch them in as the governor.

While they collectively accuse the incumbent of being an Abuja governor, they are all individually working strenuously and praying fervently to become the chosen candidate by Abuja. Part of the things that give them a glimmer of hope is the upcoming judgement of the Supreme Court on the 25th February presidential election.

Samdaddy was busy telling people of his “close affinity” with the First Lady, Senator Remi Tinubu and how she has assured him of punishing Governor Hope. He is also alleged to be dropping the name of the FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike as his godfather. As it becomes obvious to every reasonable observer that none of these claims is true, he is beginning to tell them of how Atiku will be declared President by the Supreme Court and how he would immediately be declared governor in waiting because Atiku Abubakar has assured him that he would just escort him to Douglas House and swear him in.

Undeniably, Senator Athan Achonu is working harder than some of us expected him to, and his platform and the support of Peter Obi is winning him some support. But he also knows that the unpopularity of his candidature within the LP and the desertion of the original Obidients from his campaign, presents him with an uphill task. However, he is also banking on Peter Obi’s appeal at the Supreme Court succeeding, so he would ride on a federal advantage and Peter Obi’s popularity to clinch the governorship.

I am one of those who want the Supreme Court to void the presidential election and declare the actual winner, whom I believe is Mr. Peter Obi winner, but I also do not think that a Peter Obi victory at the Supreme Court would stop Hope Uzodimma’s reelection. Peter Obi is not going to be a lawless President nor will he promote electoral fraud and intimidation. He will allow the election to hold in a free and fair atmosphere, and that would not favour the One-Arm General, but will certainly improve his performance.

Another possible scenario which the opposition candidates are banking on is the possible nullification of the presidential election and an order for a rerun presidential election, which will exclude Tinubu from the ballot. Some of them are already boasting about how they enjoy a cordial relationship with the Senate President, Akpabio, who is going to become the acting president and how they would leverage on this relationship to access federal support for their candidacy.

I do not know what the outcome of the Supreme Court PEPT appeal will be, but by all known indices of predicting election outcome, I do not see the outcome changing much about what we already know about the November 11th election.

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