HURIWA Blasts Govt Official’s Negligence to Growing Hunger, Insecurity

HURIWA Blasts Govt Official’s Negligence to Growing Hunger, Insecurity

The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria HURIWA has accused government officials at all levels of engaging in unproductive political propaganda and neglecting their responsibility to address the growing issues of hunger and insecurity.

HURIWA in a statement by its national coordinator, Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko emphasized that the policy allowing the Naira to float, which has led to its depreciation against the US dollar, is a disservice to Nigeria as it has caused companies, both multinational and local, to close down.

The group also lamented that the exit of big manufacturers from Western advanced economies out of Nigeria has created mass job losses and hunger due to quadrupled prices following fluctuating exchange rates that have destroyed the value of the Naira.

HURIWA also stated that heads of security forces and government officials responsible for implementing strategies for food security have failed spectacularly.

‘’Farmers are quitting their fields mainly due to heightened climate insecurity while most Nigerian households cannot afford living costs due to collapsing national and food security.

If swift action is not taken by the government in providing quick relief measures, starving Nigerians may begin dropping dead soon.’’

The right group called on the President, Vice President, and Secretary-General to provide effective leadership compelling ministers in strategic areas such as national security and food production to deliver sustainable results curbing disturbing cases of hunger and heightened state insecurity.

HURIWA said if farmers are not supported either through credit facilities or protection from terrorists imposing toxic levies or kidnappers who force them off their farms; they will continue abandoning farming activities leading inevitably towards absolute hunger across Nigeria.

The right group stressed that ‘’UNICEF reported 25 million Nigerians are now at high risk for food insecurity today but regretted that agriculture ministers engage only with empty media propaganda whilst increasing rates of famine occur throughout Nigeria.

The North Central region was deemed unsafe while it was highlighted how more than 60% contribution made by Northern states could impede agricultural productivity nationwide because any unresolved problem could hinder farm activities.’’

 HURIWA appealed for result-oriented federal action devoid frequent military institution spokespersons’ claims over eliminating terrorists when farmers still can’t cultivate land despite widespread insecurity where large scale farming activities were previously occurring.

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