HURIWA Blasts Tinubu’s Big Entourage to Dubai

HURIWA Blasts Tinubu’s Big Entourage to Dubai

The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has criticized President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s recent trip to Dubai with a large entourage, including his family members and hired personnel describing it as meaningless world travels.

HURIWA questioned why the president would travel abroad while Nigerians are suffering from poverty, hunger, high living costs, and insecurity. The group called on the government to focus on internal economic issues threatening the country’s foundations instead of globe-trotting.

The right group in a statement by its national coordinator Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko condemned looting in Gwagwa while urging officials to address terrorism, kidnapping, and insecurity or face consequences for incompetence.

‘’To tackle economic challenges characterized by poor implementation of policies associated with devaluation of national legal tender leading towards imminent collapse; HURIWA suggested that foreign travels be embargoed for three months so that cabinet can confront the problems at hand. In addition to this suggestion was an assertion that CBN governor who lacks workable ideas should be sacked as well.’’

The group further stated that citizens’ actions during food emergencies were indicative of larger concerns about widening specters of poverty, hunger and deprivation due to lackadaisical attitude displayed by those in power.

The right group  argued that there  is no justification under any circumstances for a leader traveling on exotic presidential jets when Nigeria is literally on fire.

Finally, HURIWA emphasized how speeches without practical action mean nothing over time since Nigerians have been told repeatedly about measures being taken but don’t see them implemented leading many starving people dying silently- Mr. President needs to act fast before it gets worse!

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