HURIWA Calls for Investigation Over Alleged Corruption in Court of Appeal

HURIWA Calls for Investigation Over Alleged Corruption in Court of Appeal

…Sues for Decentralisation of the Appeal Court

HURIWA has requested that the National Judicial Council and Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Olukayode Ariwoola investigate alleged corruption in the Court of Appeal’s handling of election petition appeals from the 2023 general elections.

HURIWA urgently called for administrative intervention to enable transparent and immediate steps for political litigants’ access to justice by decentralizing adjudication processes, dismantling impediments to dispensation, and ensuring accountability and transparency.

Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko, HURIWA’s National Coordinator expressed concern about a matter threatening justice and fairness in Nigeria.

He revealed that credible sources within the judiciary have alleged centralization decisions made by President Hon. Justice Monica Dongban-Mensem have been causing significant backlog, inconveniences for litigants traveling long distances to attend hearings, allegations of pre-determination of outcomes due to financial transactions securing favorable judgments.

He also claimed that litigants may engage in financial transactions with judges or court officials resulting in favorable judgments which run into millions of dollars in foreign currency; all posing significant threats to judicial integrity and independence.

Onwubiko acknowledged hearing concerns from justices regarding their inability to effect necessary changes under centralized systems while urging relevant authorities’ investigation into these allegations.

HURIWA calls for re-examination towards alternative methods that ensure proximity no accessibility for Nigerians while emphasizing protection rights/freedoms advocating a transparent/accessible justice system.

The right group said it would be wise to decentralize the court, bring the cases closer to the litigants and their representatives to ease the financial burden and risk of travels since Appeal Court has over twenty (20) division across the country.

Speaking on the whistle-blower’s information provided, Onwubiko said “This is not by any stretch of imagination a direct allegation against anybody in the Court of Appeal but due to the high-profile status of those who gave us this information we are therefore asking head(s)of nation’s courts system(s)to carry out thorough investigations into these allegations.’’

 He urged Chairman of The National Judicial Council encourage whistleblowers who wished to remain anonymous as they are scared of approaching relevant authorities hence NGOs.

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