HURIWA Condemns Deputy Speaker Peace in South East Project Initiative

HURIWA Condemns Deputy Speaker Peace in South East Project Initiative

HURIWA has criticized the peace initiative known as the Peace in South East project (PISE-P) initiated by Benjamin Okezie Kalu, the Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives.

In a statement signed by its national coordinator, HURIWA stated that PISE-P is a superficial attempt lacking any philosophical underpinnings to tackle insecurity in South East Nigeria.

The group argued that profound philosophical solutions are necessary to bring lasting stability and security to the region, including social justice for families who have lost members through extrajudicial killings by armed security forces or suspected gunmen and arsonists.

 HURIWA also pointed out that compensation was only given to families of unlawfully killed security agents but not civilians or innocent Igbo youths killed by security agents.

Amnesty International documented at least 115 persons killed between March and June 2021 by Nigerian security forces targeting ESN militants or those perceived as such, many of whom were not part of militant groups attacking security agents.

The group urged authorities to hold state administrations accountable for their role in creating instability and insecurity in Imo State specifically, and until this happens, sloganeering will not provide a sustainable solution for resolving crises in South East Nigeria.

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