HURIWA Condemns FG Inability to Rescue Kidnapped Corpers

HURIWA Condemns FG Inability to Rescue Kidnapped Corpers

The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has condemned the inability and blatant failure of the Federal government to secure the release of eight mobilised corpers kidnapped by terrorists in Zamfara on their way to National Youth Service Corp camp from Akwa Ibom State five months ago.

HURIWA in a statement signed by its national coordinator Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko described the situation as evidence that Nigeria is not just sick but has failed.

According to HURIWA, ‘’The phrase “Nigeria has happened” represents the state of heightened insecurity in which armed non-state actors have overwhelmed a government whose primary constitutional duty is to secure lives.’’

‘’It is an appalling crime against humanity that these NYSC corpers were left abandoned for five months with terrorists while their parents negotiated for ransom, and yet President Tinubu did not query Inspector-General of Police who was statutorily responsible for internal security. This shows that this government attaches no importance to the lives of commoners.

Around December 4th, when it had barely been four months since the abductions occurred on August 17th, two prospective corps members gained freedom apparently after paying ransom but sadly, four remain abandoned by all levels of Nigerian governments. In response to this tragedy, HURIWA calls upon NYSC management to stop posting corpers to all North West states aside from Kano until security improves since federal authorities are unprepared or unwillingly take necessary action when required.’’

HURIWA Called that the overall heads of security institutions must be held accountable and responsible for wanton breaches across Nigeria as functional sovereignty would prevent young people from being left alone with terrorists in forests for extended periods without any practical intervention efforts made on their behalf.

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