HURIWA Decries Frequent Kidnap of Students

HURIWA Decries Frequent Kidnap of Students

… Describes Act as Heads of Security Services in Nigeria

… Condemns Kidnap of Federal University Lafia Students

The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria HURIWA has Decried the frequent abductions of tertiary institution students in Nigeria by armed bandits and terrorists.

HURIWA in statement by its national coordinator Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko, described this phenomenon as a shameful indication of the lack of intelligence-guided capacities on the part of security service heads in Nigeria.

 The right group   appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to direct his National Security Adviser Malam Nuhu Ribadu to devise a quick win strategy with service chiefs that will combat kidnappers’ activities, which constitute disincentives for available foreign direct investors in advanced economies.

According to HURIWA, it is inconceivable that any sane investor would blindly invest in a place like Nigeria where freelance armed non-state actors and kidnappers have virtually hijacked the country.

The group which frowned at the recent kidnapping by armed bandits at Nasarawa State’s Federal University Lafia and continuous capture of many students from two federal universities located at Katsina and Zamfara states for weeks also said that the reason why kidnappers are having free reigns is because security establishments’ heads do not know what strategies they should adopt to minimize or eradicate these criminal acts.

HURIWA narrated that On Wednesday night, an uncertain number of FULafia students were kidnapped outside their university premises near Gandu community; Mr Abubakar Ibrahim indicated this while he was Head Information & Public Relations Officer.

 For now, no one can ascertain how many students were abducted along with their names or departments since information about the incident remains sketchy according to DSP Ramhan Nansel – Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) in Nasarawa state command who added that identities and facts remain unavailable despite numerous attempts made so far.

HURIWA said it had made dozens of published media statements suggesting practicable steps and strategic approaches jointly or severally put up by central government/state governments aimed towards ending armed kidnapping menace; however, there seems no positive outcome yet from such suggestions as cases continue unabatedly even within urban areas like Asokoro Abuja where landlords/residents are being targeted indiscriminately.

Therefore, HURIWA urged Nigerian authorities to investigate every angle/dimension surrounding these criminal acts to determine why they’re becoming more pervasive while also urging them never again allow another student abduction case happen under their watch without consequences attached – it’s high time policing be rejigged as national emergency matter before things get out-of-hand!

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