HURIWA Implores Wike to Focus On Abuja And Curb Crimes

HURIWA Implores Wike to Focus On Abuja And Curb Crimes

The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has implored the Federal Capital Minister, Bar Nyesom Wike, to Focus his attention towards Abuja due to the alarming rate of kidnappings and other crimes.

In a statement released by HURIWA’s national coordinator, Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko, the group expressed concern that what was once one of the safest places in Nigeria has now become known as the capital for kidnappers with frequent home invasions by well-armed criminals and increasing abductions of residents.

HURIWA expressed fear that if quick action is not taken to curb this dangerous rise in sophisticated crimes, residents may resort to taking matters into their own hands which could result in lynch mob actions or arming themselves to protect their right to life.

The right group called on FCT Minister Wike to remain focused on carrying out his mandate by implementing strong measures aimed at restoring normalcy, stability and security throughout all areas within the Federal Capital Territory.

They also urged him not be distracted by politics against Rivers state Governor Mr. Fubara whom he considers disloyal.

“In the name of God, we in HURIWA,  are begging the honorable minister of FCT to, may be, take a leave of absence and fix his political base in Rivers State so the minister of state can be tasked with the duty of coordinating the desired frontal battles against kidnappers or alternatively, the minister himself should pull his focus away from Rivers state’s internal politics or politics of attempting to impeach his former trusted loyalist whom he railroaded to the office of governor of Rivers state, and focus on the fight against criminals, terrorists and kidnappers in Abuja. HURIWA knows that Nyesom Wike is a man of capacity who fought criminals in Rivers as governor to a standstill.

He, Nyesom Wike should replicate similar feat by focusing 100 percent on the FCT. Nyesom Wike should launch a massive operation wipe away kidnappers, terrorists and outlaws from the FCT.”

Reports suggest that since President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration began, armed bandits and kidnappers have been regularly been attacking homes in Abuja resulting in an increase in criminal activity within the city.

HURIWA lamented that despite plans put forth by officials from the FCTA regarding establishing cross-border joint task forces made up of security forces drawn from both neighboring states and territories surrounding Abuja, these efforts have yet proven successful as even police command are unable to combat these crimes.

In October alone until December 2021, around 26th October residents reported several kidnapping incidents involving those living within Grow Home Estate located at Kubwa area causing alarm among them while lamenting over series of attacks they experienced so far this year.

HURIWA condemned heads of security forces’ incapacity and incompetence especially with regards organised crime such as kidnapping which requires intelligence based strategies deployed appropriately.

Recalling recent events where gunmen kidnapped twenty-three inhabitants including Senator representing Delta North Senatorial District’s Senior Legislative Aide Barrister Chris Agidy alongside eighteen others who were allegedly killed after being abducted; HURIWA backs Senate resolution requesting investigation into failed CCTV project initiated by past administrations exposing taxpayers funds injected but no installation done thereby leaving FCT vulnerable without formidable CCTV facilities installed for enhanced surveillance purposes.

HURIWA backed the resolution of the Senate which requested that the FCT administration investigate the failed CCTV Project initiated by the past administration in which billions of taxpayers funds were injected but the security facilities were never installed thereby exposing the FCT to the vagaries of armed infiltration and all sorts of attacks by armed non state actors.

 The Rights group said it is surprising that both the ICPC and the EFCC have pretended like they are unaware of the subsisting contract handed out to a contractor for the building of formidable CCTV around the nation’s capital but the rogue contractors and officials may well have diverted the public fund earmarked for this very strategic, life saving security project.

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