HURIWA To Tinubu: Your New Year Message Empty Without Justice for Victims Of Terror Attacks

HURIWA To Tinubu: Your New Year Message Empty Without Justice for Victims Of Terror Attacks

As we approached the conclusion of the penultimate year, the serial terror attacks on Plateau State by armed Fulani terrorists and the incapacity of the Nigerian Army to prevent these massacres, blighted that year, and with the entrance into a new year 2024, the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) extends its sincere and heartfelt greetings to all Nigerians. In this pivotal moment of transition, it is imperative to reflect on the challenges that persist within our nation and to reiterate the critical imperatives that demand the immediate attention of the government.

The scourge of insecurity continues to inflict profound distress and suffering upon our people, necessitating resolute and decisive action from the government. The preservation of life and property is a fundamental obligation, and we call upon the authorities to prioritize the creation of a secure environment, free from the pervasive threats of terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, and other criminal activities that undermine the peace and stability of our nation.

Moreover, the staggering statistic of 133 million households living in abject poverty underscores the urgent need for sustained intervention. It is imperative for the government to implement comprehensive measures aimed at uplifting these vulnerable segments of our society, providing them with the requisite support and resources to alleviate their plight and enhance their overall well-being. Addressing poverty at its core is not merely a moral imperative; it is an economic and social necessity for the advancement of our nation.

Critical infrastructure, most notably our roads, education, and healthcare systems, demand immediate and sustained attention. Access to well-maintained road networks is indispensable for fostering economic growth and social cohesion, while quality education and healthcare represent inalienable human rights that must be made universally accessible. The government bears the responsibility of allocating resources and formulating effective policies to address these pivotal sectors, ensuring that every Nigerian has unfettered access to quality education, healthcare, and safe, reliable transportation infrastructure.

Above all, the upholding of human rights and the unwavering adherence to the principles of the rule of law stand as non-negotiable cornerstones of a just and equitable society. Every individual is entitled to the full spectrum of their fundamental human rights, including the right to life, freedom of expression, and equitable treatment under the law. Similarly, the adherence to the rule of law serves as the linchpin of a democratic society, guaranteeing that all individuals, irrespective of their station, are held accountable for their actions and decisions.

As we have triumphantly  entered the new year, HURIWA implores the government to accord primacy to these pressing concerns, laboring diligently to forge a Nigeria that is safer, more prosperous, and unwaveringly committed to the protection of the rights of its citizens. Let us collectively endeavor to realize a nation wherein every citizen is empowered to live a life of dignity, equality, and freedom. In closing, HURIWA extends its earnest wishes for a tranquil and prosperous New Year to all Nigerians, replete with the promise of hope and positive transformation.

*Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko,

National Coordinator,


January 1st 2024.

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