IGP  Egbe­tokun, Sets Vision for Enhanced Internal Security

IGP Egbe­tokun, Sets Vision for Enhanced Internal Security

By Charles Edet

The Inspector-General of Police, IGP Kayode Adeolu Egbe­tokun has outlined a vision for enhancing internal security in Nigeria.

The IGP revealed these outlines in a gathering of senior police officers at the fourth edition of the Conference and Retreat.

The event brought together strategic security managers, including Deputy Inspectors-General of Police, Assistant Inspectors-General of Police, Commissioners of Police, and other heads of strategic police formations.

The theme of this year’s conference, “Fostering Economic Prosperity, Social Integration and Political Development through Enhanced Internal Security Mechanism,” aligns with the new police leadership’s vision to create a professionally competent, service-driven, rule-of-law-compliant, and citizen-friendly police force.

This vision aims to support the government’s agenda in promoting economic recovery and growth, social integration, and political development in Nigeria.

The Inspector-General of Police highlighted key initiatives, including improving the capabilities of officers, standardizing service delivery, embracing transparency and accountability, and upholding citizens’ rights and officer welfare.

The focus is on tackling violent crimes, restoring peace to troubled areas, and promoting national economic growth and prosperity.

A Special Intervention Squad (SIS) has been established to rapidly respond to major incidents, with ten pilot states identified for immediate deployment.

The Force also recognizes the importance of officers’ attitudes and professionalism. A reorientation program has commenced, emphasizing human rights, the rule of law, and citizen-focused policing. Psychological and attitudinal training will be emphasized for new recruits.

The Inspector-General of Police highlighted international collaboration in combating major crimes. Engagements with Chinese and INTERPOL officials have resulted in support for the Nigeria Police Force. The Chinese government is sponsoring the training of 15 Nigerian officers in Cyber Crime in China.

The INLEA (International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs of the United States) has agreed to assist and support the Nigeria Police in various areas, including creating a cloud database, providing renewable energy sources, establishing a sex offenders register, and digitizing police operations.

The conference and retreat provide a platform for peer review, cross-fertilization of ideas, and engaging security experts to address internal security challenges and fulfill the government’s goals for peace, prosperity, and stability in Nigeria.

The Inspector-General of Police emphasized the role of the Nigeria Police Force in securing society, maintaining public order and safety, and playing a unifying role during election campaigns.

The conference and retreat serve as an opportunity to critically assess the responsibilities and roles of senior police officers in achieving economic prosperity, social integration, and political development.

In his closing remarks, the Inspector-General of Police expressed appreciation to all participants and guests and welcomed them to the event.

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