Ihedioha’s Departure From PDP, The Financial Maleficence Oozing Out of Abia State Under Okezie Ikpeazu & The PDP Rudderless Government in Enugu State

Ihedioha’s Departure From PDP, The Financial Maleficence Oozing Out of Abia State Under Okezie Ikpeazu & The PDP Rudderless Government in Enugu State

The Final Death Sentence of PDP In South East.

…Labour Party Will Take Over South East In 2027

By Prince Mike Akubueze Asaigbo

PDP was ones the darling of South East and South South people of Nigeria from 1999 till its demise in 2023.

This is even without prejudice on how badly the party treated the late former Vice President of Nigeria, Dr. Alex Ekwueme who championed the formation, registration & metamorphosis G34 to PDP

After the death of General Sani Abacha and the ascendance of General Abdusallam Abubakar as the Head of state and Commander in Chief of Nigeria Armed Forces, there was hope of return to genuine democracy. General Abubakar immediately set out his transition program to civil rule.

New political parties were formed. The biggest then was PDP. PDP was formed from G34 Led by Late Dr. Alex Ekwueme. G34 was group of eminent Nigerians that were fighting Abacha then.

As the political maneuver was going on then, many Nigerians supported Dr Alex Ekwueme as the best Presidential candidate to lead Nigeria to the new Nigeria of our dream. Unfortunately, NIGERIA happened to Dr. Alex Ekwueme as expected. Yes, as expected, the Igbo have been treated very bad in Nigeria especially after the end of Nigeria civil War in 1970. There have been a lot of conspiracies against the Igbo by the other major tribes.

At the PDP National Convention cum Presidential Primary election in Jos, Ekwueme was abandoned by the owners of Nigeria and chose Obasanjo instead!

Despite this rejection, Dr. Ekwueme, a fine gentleman, encouraged Ndi Igbo to give their massive support to PDP and they did without sentiment and Ndi Igbo’s love for PDP were taken for granted.

PDP is the only political party in Nigeria that enshrined rotational presidency in their by-law /constitution. This singular act by PDP portrayed the party as a sensitive political party that is worthy of Ndi Igbo’s attention considering their marginalisation in the political scheme of things in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, PDP ‘killed’ rotational presidency when it is the turn of Ndi Igbo to produce PDP’s Presidential Flag bearer in 2023. This singular act by PDP killed the party in South East.

After the death of PDP in south East in 2023, one man was left to see how he can revive the party in Igbo land. And this man is love by majority of Ndi Igbo. His name is Emeka Ihedioha.

Emeka Ihedioha was the last man standing. He nearly nailed his own political coffin in south East because of his love for PDP.

Unfortunately, Emeka Ihedioha left PDP in April 2024.

Ihedioha’s departure from PDP happened coincidentally when an audit report set up by the current governor of Abia state Dr Alex Oti indicted the former PDP governor of Abia state Dr Okezie Ikpeazu.

Nigerians are been regaled daily on the financial maleficence oozing out of Abia state under PDP’s Dr Okezie Ikpeazu. One of such is Ikpeazu’s siphoning of a whooping #10B (Ten Billion Naira) purportedly to build Abia Airport.

There is no airport anywhere in Abia state but the #10B grew wing and flew into 33 different accounts that is not related to the Airport. Some people are saying that Abia Airport is inside Okezie ikpeazu’s protruding stomach.

This is just one out of many embezzlements that took place under PDP Ikpeazu’s inglorious eight years in Abia state. If we are to go by information emanating from Abia state, Dr Okezie ikpeazu probably embezzled more than 100 billion Naira.  That is PDP for you.

PDP has done more harms to South East than good. Ikpeazu’s predecessor in office who is also of PDP stock stole more than Ikpeazu.

Another disgraceful leader in south East is PDP’s Peter Mbah.

Peter Mbah has no business being the governor of Enugu state. Enugu state has some of the brightest Nigerians yet PDP gave them a governor who cannot differentiate his left from right.

It was only last week that Mbah was accused of given 100 billion Naira contract to a company that was registered by CAC on 4th May 2024. I am still waiting for someone to tell me why a governor should waste the state money in a company that is barely one week to handle such magnitude of job without experience.

It should be stated here that Mbah’s Predecessors were known to build quality roads in Enugu state but this Mbah came to rule Enugu state with mentality of former Abia state governors (before Oti) who were forbidden not to be useful to their state.

Mbah is not fit to be a local government chairman in any south east state, not to talk of being a governor.

God ways they said works in mysterious ways. God want to use what is happening in PDP & APC in south East to enthrone good governance and leadership in Igbo land through labour Party and Peter Obi.

I am using this medium to remind the Igbos the evil done to us by PDP and APC and encourage them to see both parties as opposite side of same coin. PDP is APC’s big brother. Both PDP and APC   should not be allowed to win any governorship seat again in south East. Their 5 years already in Imo state is a disaster we don’t wish to happen again in South East.

By 2027, we want to see Labour Party produce governors of Imo, Abia, Enugu, Ebonyi & Anambra states.

There is no other time to correct these mistakes than during the 2027 general elections.

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