Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, MohBad Gone But His Traducers Abound

Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, MohBad Gone But His Traducers Abound

By Aruviere Martins Egharhevwa

Opinion: Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, popularly known as MohBad is gone but his traducers abound.

They are everywhere, in our workplace, schools, churches, markets, business offices, and all over social media. People hate and dislike you for being you. 

They hate you for no reason without you knowing. There are people who look at your photos and posts every day on this platform and say hurtful things about you. They curse and wish you evil things in their mind.

Do you think that something is wrong with you?

Well, there is certainly something wrong.

But the good news is that nothing is wrong with you.

1. You remind them of their failures

Hatred is an emotion that the mind uses to keep a person safe by keeping him away from people who might harm him. If you are successful at anything then some people might feel like losers when they see you and as a result hatred kicks in to protect them. In other words, you might be hated because you are really good.

2. You remind them of what they lack

All humans want to be the best among their friends but psychologically unstable ones will hate those who are better than them at anything. You get better grades? You have more friends? You look a bit better? You have a better body? You have a better job? Then you might be hated for that.

3. Because they feel worthless

Brave people set goals and achieve them. Cowards run away from big goals then seek cheap victories to feel good about themselves. Some examples of cheap victories are gossiping, putting someone down or bullying someone. All of these actions help a person who already feels worthless to feel a bit better.

4. You remind them of themselves

One of the best defense mechanisms the mind uses to help people deny their personal flaws is to blame someone else for them. Some people project their own flaws on others to convince themselves that they are flawless.

5. They don’t feel safe around you

People dislike the ones they don’t feel safe around. Those who suffer from anxiety or those who are too afraid to mingle with new people might dislike strangers just because they don’t feel safe around them. They prefer a small circle of friends that gives them the safety they need.

6. They think you are a threat

Sometimes a person might dislike you because he thinks that you are a threat. Cowards and weak people automatically dislike anybody who might threaten their position (Steal their friends, get a share of the attention they are getting, get the job they are applying for …etc)

What you should do

In order not to be hurt by hate and rejections you have to understand few facts about life. It’s impossible to make everyone like you because of the various reasons described above and many others.

You should only stick to the people who truly love you instead of wasting your effort trying to win the approval of those who don’t. In order not to feel lonely and be hurt, you need few close friends who really like you and not tens of friends who barely like you.

Finally, no one is perfect. Yes, you might have some flaws but, in many cases, people will dislike and hate you because something is wrong with them and not with you.

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