Investment Strategy: Oyo State Excelling – Oyelade

Investment Strategy: Oyo State Excelling – Oyelade

The Commissioner for Information and Civic Orientation in Oyo State, Prince Dotun Oyelade, has predicted that within the next decade, if the investment strategy of Seyi Makinde is maintained by subsequent administrations after 2027, then Oyo state will be able to compete favorably with developed economies.

Prince Oyelade made this projection while addressing media stakeholders at the 8th edition of the NBC/Yemi Sonde broadcast media stakeholders forum held at the University of Ibadan.

He cited data from the United Nations World Urbanization Prospects’ World Population Review which showed that in 1950, Ibadan’s population was a mere 450,000 but had grown to approximately 3.4 million as at when Governor Seyi Makinde came into office in 2019.

He further stated that since then, there has been an increase in population ratio by half a million people indicating that over a period of seventy-three years prior to Governor Makinde’s administration; these past four years have witnessed a significant rise in migration into Ibadan.

It is noteworthy that Lagos state has about 3,577 square kilometers landmass while on contrast; Oyo state boasts an impressive landmass of about 28,454 square kilometers with virtually all being arable lands.

 This implies that investors are presented with stupendous opportunities for expansion as compared to other states such as Lagos or even double its neighboring state –Ogun State.

According to Prince Dotun Oyelade; recent proliferation of radio stations in Nigeria’s southwestern region- particularly in Oyo State is indicative proof of good governance impact on socioeconomic parameters within the region.

With almost fifty radio stations currently operating across different parts of Nigeria except FCT (Federal Capital Territory), Rivers and Lagos States due their obvious economic advantages- it shows how effective governance can positively influence business growth and development.

Furthermore, he highlighted various completed estates like Jericho estate and Bodija estate located around Ibadan city alongside several housing projects scattered across different zones within past four years including easy-to-obtain certificate(s)of occupancy issued out within sixty days making it very attractive for real estate developers looking towards investing more funds into this sector.

Also worth noting is how construction work on roads spanning over two hundred kilometers effectively connects all zones together thereby increasing economic activities among them leading up till now where eighteen new road constructions totaling three hundred forty-five point eighty-six kilometers were embarked upon during his second term campaign drive including thirty-four point eight-five-kilometer recently completed road project linking both towns(oyo-Iseyin).

In addition, the ongoing construction work on one hundred ten kilometer circular road connecting Ibadan city center with other major cities nationwide signals strong investor confidence towards investment prospects available within this region thus resulting influx capital injection into various sectors especially aviation and hospitality businesses owing largely due foresight shown by Governor Seyi Makinde who personally intervened leading taking off/landing airlines flying from/to Ibada airport increased from one airline operator previously to three operators presently including Air Peace and Green Africa established only few months ago.

Finally, it should be noted here also establishment aviation fuel depot aimed towards ensuring eventual upgrade status international airports.

The event was well attended by notable personalities representing prominent stakeholders operating broadcast industry space amongst others present include DG NBC representatives etcetera

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