Leadership Failure In FCT: Wike Is Incompetent And Thrives On Propaganda

Leadership Failure In FCT: Wike Is Incompetent And Thrives On Propaganda

By Omotayo Williams

1. It has become obvious that Wike is incompetent and unable to manage the affairs of the FCT.

2. The level of kidnapping we are witnessing in Abuja under the current administration is unprecedented.

3. Earlier today also, the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) FCT Wing directed all primary school teachers in the Federal Capital Territory to embark on an indefinite strike.

4. The failure of Wike to resolve this strike issue will lead to our children sitting at home. Even if they decide to go to school, they are at risk of being kidnapped.

5. However, instead of addressing these issues, the FCT minister is acting as a Co-Governor to the sitting Governor of Rivers state – Fubara.

6. A situation where the governor hosts a dinner on Saturday and Wike does his on Sunday, or a democratically elected Governor holds a rally on Monday and Wike in competing with the governor holds his own rally on Tuesday is not acceptable or sustainable for governance.

7. An FCT minister spending a significant number of his days in Rivers is not acceptable.

8. It is high time Wike decides what he wants – Does he want to be an FCT minister or a local politician playing opposition to the man with the “Red biro.” Two people cannot use one “red biro.”

9. If he continues to fail the people of Abuja, then he should be immediately sacked from office. Or he can honorably resign to play the Rivers politics he can’t leave behind after 8 years in power.

10. If he appears to be a “garbage” to the current regime, then he needs to be carefully managed and eventually disposed of.

14 January 2024

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