Let’s Ruminate

Let’s Ruminate

By Professor Echefuna’ R. G. ONYEBEADI.


Let’s put this in perspective.

There were 3 cases bordering on the eligibility of BAT all slated for May 26, 2023.

1. At the Federal High Court, Abuja seeking to stop BATs swearing in on the ground that he didn’t make 25% of the votes on 25th February as demanded by Section 134 of the constitution. The judge fixed ruling for Wednesday 24th but he didn’t show up. No good reason was given. Case was re-fixed for 26/05/2023. Judge didn’t show up again as at 12:12pm when this report was made. The plaintiffs were in court waiting for the judge to come…. waited several hours far past resumption time for a judge who swore to uphold the law to report for duty.

2. PDP went to the Supreme court to challenge Shettima’s double nomination which automatically disqualifies him and Tinubu. Court ruled that the PDP doesn’t have a locus having brought the matter that preceded the elections – a time when only an APC member can bring it. It didn’t decide the obvious case on its merits, in the overall interest of justice o, just on technicality of locus. So, basically what the court has inferred is, if you find/catch a thief, you can’t sue the thief except you are a family member of whose goods was stollen! This one wasn’t altogether unexpected though.

It is however important to note that this ruling has nothing to do with the ongoing cases at the PEPT where similar issues are canvased. Flowing from the judgement therefore, after election, every contestant now has locus standi. So, we wait. Lol.


BAT has been sued for lying on his INEC form that he possesses only Nigerian citizenship and the plaintiffs have given evidence that he is also a citizen of Guinea-bissau. Lying on oath disqualifies him, as expected. Court fixed ruling for 26/05/2023.

Now here’s the twist. The APC filed a 6 page defence 25/05/2023, just a day to the court ruling and here is the summary:

👉Over 60 presidents have been invited for inauguration.

👉It cost Nigeria so much to prepare for this inauguration.

👉There would be chaos and break down of law and order if it is cancelled.

👉The Court doesn’t have jurisdiction, but even if it has, it CANNOT stop BAT’s inauguration.

👉The cost of another elections are too much for Nigeria to bear at this time.

👉Summary…just lock-up and swear in BAT to let there be peace.

Not a single defence on the perjury; you know why…it would be lying on oath yet again. PERJURY upon perjury!

Now *the law says that facts not disputed are deemed admitted*. Ask my learned colleagues. So, basically Tinubu’s lawyers just told the court that Ahmed Bola Tinubu is a criminal who perjured, but just dead the matter for peace sakes and swear him in on Monday May 29, 2023.

For those waiting to gloat over another ‘victory’ for BAT, let it sink in that, if a man has to destroy the integrity of so many of our institutions…INEC, Police, DSS, NDLEA, Judiciary and so on just to be president, then are we really practicing a civilian democracy?

So, it can now be seen why it is often repeated virtually everywhere that, the man BAT, is a reflection of who some Nigerians have become? I say “have become” because they may genuinely have been better persons before now… but, if they can look past all these baggages and hope that this chronic anomaly be somehow smuggled into Aso Rock, then, they support evil.

Our children and those yet to be born deserves better!


Credits: Barr Wode

Copied and edited for this audience.

Echefuna’ R. G. ONYEBEADI


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