Letter To Senator Ned Nwoko, Delta North Representative in the Senate.

Letter To Senator Ned Nwoko, Delta North Representative in the Senate.

By Onu Ika Nigeria.  (The mouthpiece of Ika Ethnic Nationality).

Distinguished Senator Ned Nwoko’s Proposed Bill For The Creation Of Anioma State: Onu Ika Perspective.

Onu Ika Nigeria (the mouthpiece of Ika Ethnic Nationality) has restrained itself from dabbling into the “dust” raised by our Distinguished Senator Ned Nwoko in his call for the creation of ANIOMA STATE.

We don’t see anything significantly unusual in his “Proposed Bill” for the creation of ANIOMA State except for the underlying content of GEOGRAPHICAL COVERAGE of his envisioned ANIOMA STATE.

Onu Ika is thus emboldened to enlighten our Distinguished Senator for guidance; and in guiding our Distinguished Senator we shall retrospectively and profusely refer to the genesis of the quest for ANIOMA STATE creation by some of our patriotic politicians most of whom though are of blessed memories yet, their desires still remain unquenchable.

We, of Ika Ethnic Nationality, are enthused that the younger generations are picking up the baton of ANIOMA State Creation agitation despite the prevailing suffocating socioeconomic developments in the country.

For the benefit of the younger generations (including most of our Representatives) firstly, let us understand where we are coming from, where we are now and where we want to be.  By our tradition and, indeed universally, “a child does not show his/her parents their former abode”.

 We shall herein quote verbatim the etymology of “ANIO-MA” an Acronym from Late Chief Dennis Osadebay, the Ojiba of Asaba, in his time-honoured article “Excursion into History” (Reflection).

The First Premier of the defunct Midwestern Region published in the Guardian of September 10, 1991. We quote “… The meeting decided that the western ibos * should seek a State of their own without bringing in Eastern Ibos** of Onitsha, Ogbaru and Anambra Local Government Areas”

PLATFORM. We discussed the question of the Organisation which should spearhead the demand for the creation of the State. I suggested that we should coin the name by taking letter beginning the name of each of the FOUR LOCAL GOVERNMENTS *** of Western Ibos.

Thus, we took A from Aniocha, N from Ndokwa, I from Ika, O from Oshimili. We got the word ANIO and (Chief Osuhor of Umunde in Ika) clapped his hands and was happy that we now have a new name ANIO State.

I suggested that we should sweeten the name by adding to ANIO the letter M in Oshimili and letter A which is the last letter in the names of the other three Local Governments so we had the word (acronym) which gave us the new name ANIOMA State. Incidentally, the word ANIOMA in Ibo means ” the good land” “

” On August 27, 1991 anniversary of his administration, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida announced the creation of nine new states: – namely, Abia State, Anambra State, Kebbi State, Kogi State, Delta State, Osun State, Taraba State, Jigawa State, Yobe State.  Anioma State was not created”

Before we make our inferences from Senator Ned Nwoko’s ANIOMA creation Bill and the efforts of Late Chief Dennis Osadebay and Co, Onu Ika would like to take Senator Ned Nwoko  again to an excursion into the efforts of yet another Group of patriotic politicians (The ANIOMA State Movement” led by Late Distinguished Senator Nosike Ikpo and also, the singular efforts of Hon Pascal  Nwaoranine  Adigwe former  member National House of Assembly  representative of Aniocha/ Oshimili Federal Constituency  particularly in his copious and overarching consultations in the heat of agitation for ANIOMA State creation.

In the former’s Document Titled ” The case for the creation of ANIOMA” The four Local Government Areas referred to in Late Chief Dennis Osadebay’s Article namely, Aniocha, Ndokwa, Ika and Oshimili were represented by 10 persons of proven integrity.

 All of them appended their names and signatures in full support of the renewed quest for the creation of ANIOMA State. The Group went a step further in collating endorsements from reputable members of the four Local Governments referenced.


  1. From 1963 to date, any political or non-political Group agitating for the creation of ANIOMA State has been conservative, consistent, focused and specific on the geographical land mass and the four Local Government areas encompassing the envisioned ANIOMA State. viz: – Aniocha, Ndokwa, Ika and Oshimili.

Admittedly, some of the inhabitants may be Ibo speaking but that alone does not make them full-fledged Ibos;

2. Secondly, in the annals of State creation in Nigeria; there have not been any attempt to lump two areas naturally (geographical boundaries) separated together as one State or part thereof. To do that will amount to ANNEXATION; the Ikas are not willing to be Annexed to South East across the River Niger but would gladly like to be reintegrated into the old Midwestern Region

3. Thirdly, the idea of the nomenclature of Western Ibos, Eastern Ibos, Ika Ibos (which gained currency during the Biafran War and thereafter) is peculiar to the Eastern part of the Country.

We hardly hear of Western Hausas or Fulanis or Western or Eastern Yorubas. We are aware that there are ethnic minorities in other major Tribes/ethnic groups in Nigeria.

To classify a geographical area as part of a State mainly on account of language is, in our considered opinion, grossly and linguistically misleading and unacceptable.

Hence the Ikas unequivocally reject Senator Ned Nwoko’s Proposed Bill to ” Annex” Ika Ethnic Nationality to a Section of Eastern Region across River Niger. The Ikas from oral and recorded history have triple origins—Bini, Ishan and Ibo – Nri factor.

4. Fourthly, Delta State came out of Bendel State which was created out of Midwestern Region carved out of Western Region.  Midwestern Region which was created in 1963 by plebiscite was one of the four (4) Major Regions that constitutionally made up the Nigerian Nation then namely: – Eastern Region comprised (9) States; Midwestern Region (2) States; Western Region (7) States and Northern Region (19) States.

 In our considered opinion; Senator Ned Nwoko and his Distinguished Colleagues from Edo, Ishan, Itsekiri, Urhobo, Ijaw should be addressing the subtle and yet obvious marginalization/decimation of Midwestern Region amongst the original Four Regions of Nigeria as at 1963.


In the light of all the above; Ika Ethnic Nationality, in principle, supports the Creation of States particularly ANIOMA State that does not bestride any part of Eastern State or Region.

Taking all the determinants that are required for State Creation; the Four (4) Local Government Areas that make up the original Proposed ANIOMA State eminently satisfy all the requirements.

We, therefore, humbly request our Distinguished Senator, Ned Nwoko to revisit his ” Proposed Bill for the Creation of ANIOMA State particularly   ” the GEOGRAPHICAL COVERAGE” or Contrived Annexation of ANIOMA State to Eastern Region.

We respectfully rest our case.


1.Elder Daniel Usifoh.

Head. Collective Leadership of Onu Ika Nigeria. (HCL)

2.Chief Barr. Edwin Osuhor. Ist Vice President.

3. Maj Gen Ephraim O. Usiade, rtd. General Secretary

Dated 26th June, 2024.

Cc. 11 Traditional Rulers in Ika Ethnic Nationality

Cc. Hon. Barr. Victor Nwokolo. Ika Federal Constituency Representative in the National House of Assembly

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