Leveraging Technology for Career Advancement And Business Expansion

Leveraging Technology for Career Advancement And Business Expansion


The impact of constant technological innovations and advancements since the 19th century had caused an upward surge in organizational effectiveness and increased competitive advantages for industrial growth, particularly, in the area of human capital development and capacity building in general.

Building a sustainable career or business that is versatile, dynamic, and innovative in today’s world can only be achieved by leveraging technological innovation and advancement. Considering the realities of the 21st century, any career path or business idea that is not technologically driven will soon go into extinction.


1. Technology has made effective management and maintenance of career and business possible and east to achieve

2. Technological innovation in the 21st century has engendered several unprecedented surges in career and business management

3. Employees, entrepreneurs and professionals with technical-know-how are likely to enjoy more career/business opportunities than those without

4. Some routine jobs and production lines have been taken over and many will still be taken over by artificial intelligence and machines

5. Failure to leverage technology for career advancement and business expansion can hinder breakthrough and fulfillment

6. Effects of technological innovation have increased employees’ efficiency and organizational performance

7. Technology has offered various dimensions to support and effectively manage career and business advancement. Etc


1. ONLINE LEARNING: Constant and continuous learning through online programmes, training  and seminars

2. LEARN REMOTE WORK: Learn to make use of technological devices at your disposal to handle available tasks at the workplace and in business environment.

3. INTEREST IN ICT: Cultivate and develop interest in ICT-related activities and programmes, both physically and online to enhance your career and business.

4. TECHNICAL DEVICES: Acquisition of personal ICT devices allows you to practice and master the usage of such devices to become expert in your career and business management skill

5. ICT TRAINING: Attending and participating in ICT related training and workshops would enhance technical knowledge and improvement in career and business

6. ONLINE MATERIALS: Technology has granted internet users access to online materials for self-development, career advancement and business expansion

7. COLLABORATIVE TOOLS: Employees and entrepreneurs can access various online tools for the effective discharge of their duties and responsibilities at the workplace.


1. STAGNATION: Anyone who fails to flow with the trend of technological innovation to advance their career and business may experience stagnation

2. REDUNDANCE: People that are not technologically inclined would be made redundant since the future of work and business are technologically-driven.

3. JOBLESSNESS: The emergence of artificial intelligence and other modern types of machinery would render some employees and entrepreneurs with routine jobs jobless

4. FINANCIAL CONSTRAINTS: Failure to leverage technology to acquire additional skills hinders the opportunity to have multiple sources of income

5. LACK OF CAREER PROGRESSION: Being negligent in leveraging technology can lead to lack of career/business progression  in career paths or businesses that are technologically driven.

6. INABILITY TO ATTAIN PERSONAL FULFILMENT: One of the factors that is responsible for most people’s inability to attain personal fulfillment is their failure to acquire additional skills and knowledge that can be achieved through technology.

7. PERSONAL INEFFECTIVENESS: Lack of technical skills to facilitate and enhance performance would result in poor delivery and personal/business ineffectiveness. Etc


1. CAREER ADVANCEMENT/BUSINESS EXPANSION: Leveraging technology through online learning helps employees to acquire additional qualifications or certificates.

2. PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION: Employees and entrepreneurs can leverage technology to become members of professional bodies that are incidental to their career paths or business sector

3. REMOTE WORK: Building a career that is technologically inclined confers privilege for remote job opportunities and new business ideas.

4. CAREER/BUSINESS DIVERSIFICATION: Having leveraged technology to build soft skills beyond one’s career path or business ideas, it is easy to diversify one’s career or business at any given opportunity

5. MULTIPLE SOURCES OF INCOME: Leveraging technology to build multiple skills (Soft and Hard) helps in generating incomes from multiple sources

6. POST-RETIREMENT ADVANTAGE: Building capabilities through technology while in active service helps in making adequate preparations ahead of retirement years.

7. PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS: Leveraging technology for online webinars, seminars, and training enhances employees’ effectiveness and efficiency at the workplace.

8. CAREER/BUSINESS FULFILMENT: More importantly, through technology, employees and entrepreneurs can maneuver their careers from lower to the peak, within a career path. Etc


It is imperative to admit that technological advancement has significant improvement and tremendous opportunities to enhance individuals and organization performance for effective and efficient service delivery. Therefore, it is expedient for an individual employee and entrepreneur to leverage the benefits of technology for career advancement and business expansion.

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*Gbenga Emiloju (DMPII)*

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