Maintenance Culture

Maintenance Culture

By Arisa Igwe

Maintenance culture is the actual culture of maintaining something. Maintenance culture emanates from a personal intention of setting up planning and executing. Routine checks on facilities no matter how small, so as to retain its original or present state to or actualize its life span.

Poor leadership, lack of maintenance policy, attitudinal problem and corruption are identified among others as the major causes of poor maintenance.

Many Nigerians do not realize that there budgets for maintenance services in almost all government agencies & parastatals. It is this budget that our corrupt administrators pilfer & mismanage citing several unrelated reasons. You wonder why the civil servants are usually not demonstrating against a government that gives them dilapidated infrastructures.

This is why common people suffer on bad roads; fall ill due to poor hygiene & die for lack of adequate medical services. Most importantly, this is why it appears there are no jobs in Nigeria. Have you ever imagined how much work the government can create if they have facility management contracts for ALL agencies, parastatals & infrastructures (physical & virtual) belonging to government?

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