Mrs Soludo to Ndi Anambra, Make Health Priority

Mrs Soludo to Ndi Anambra, Make Health Priority

By Tony Eri

Mrs. Nonye Soludo, wife of Anambra State Governor Charles Soludo, has delivered a powerful message about prioritizing health and well-being.  Her statement goes beyond physical fitness, urging a mindset shift towards proactive health management.

“Make your health a priority today, so you don’t have to make it an emergency tomorrow,” Mrs. Soludo emphasizes. This quote challenges the reactive approach to health, where we often wait until faced with illness before taking action.

By prioritizing health today, we invest in our future well-being.  This includes healthy eating habits, regular exercise, preventive healthcare screenings, adequate sleep and managing stress.  These proactive measures can significantly reduce the risk of future health complications and emergencies.

Mrs. Soludo’s message is a call to action for individuals to take charge of their health.  It empowers us to make informed choices about our lifestyle and habits, fostering a sense of personal responsibility and ownership over our well-being. Her vision extends beyond personal health. She believes prioritizing health is a cornerstone for a thriving community in Anambra.

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