Multichoice / DSTV, these Awards are Obviously no longer your Viewers’ Choice!

Multichoice / DSTV, these Awards are Obviously no longer your Viewers’ Choice!

The beautiful event of the 10th edition of now very popular reward platform for film and television, the African Magic Viewer’s Choice Award (AMVCA), has come and gone with remarkable memories of the glitz, glamour and razzmatazz that the event has become known to go with it.

I also wish to congratulate all the winners, it’s always a fulfilling experience to be recognized for your contribution to your chosen line of trade, especially when you have put up a conscious and intentional effort to succeed in it, this sure comes with an unimaginable special kind of feeling.

Having followed this great event over the years, and what it has turned out, while juxtaposing it with the original concept (especially as depicted by the event title), I have a great feeling that it’s either the organisers have gotten carried away by the attractions of the success they have attained and forgot to restrict the event to its original conceived mandate area of nominating and rewarding movies already transmitted on the DSTV special movie channels (African Magic), through the view point of the viewers of this channels that contribute through voting to decide the winners of the various categories that are up for nominations

Today, over 90% of the movies under review have not been transmitted on any of the numerous African Magic channels that are actively transmitting African movies on a daily basis, because they are still running on either of the top streaming platforms or still on cinematic runs and I think this looks like driving a completely different concept from the original idea of the founders of this noble reward platform, thus it could amount to a progress in error.

I mean no hard feelings, just a humble observation and contribution to this noble and highly respected industry, I stand to be corrected

May God bless the Nigeria and Africa cinema, and bless us all

Nzeh Frankwhite

 National Publicity Secretary, Association of Movie Producers (AMP

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