Necessary Conditions that Every Strategic Relationship Must Fulfill

Necessary Conditions that Every Strategic Relationship Must Fulfill

By Gbenga Emiloju (DMPII)

For strategic relationships to survive the test of time, some conditions must be fulfilled and sustained, which include the following:

1. Goals/Objectives: Two people cannot walk together except they agree. Both parties must have the same or similar goals and objectives for establishing the relationship

2. Trust: When trust becomes an issue in any relationship, such a relationship cannot stand the test of time. The two parties should be able to trust each other

3. Commitment: Both parties should be confident that the relationship is worth their sacrifices, and deserves maintaining for a long time.

4. Competence: Such a relationship must be the one that is competent to  meet the demand and fulfill the purpose for which it’s established

5. Dependability: Individuals in such relationships must have the confidence that the other party will do what he/she says or is bound to do to sustain the progress of the relationship

6. Integrity: The belief by both parties that they are fair and just enough to protect the image, purpose, and the well-being of the relationship is a necessity

7. Mutuality: An assurance that both assets/good and liabilities/bad of the relationship are mutually shared by both parties.

8. Volitional: It is important that either or both parties are uncoerced into the relationships and not forced to be responsible for its demands.

9. Satisfaction: Each party has positive expectations that the benefits of the relationship should outweigh the costs.

10. Continuity: At every point in the journey of the relationship, both parties must have the conviction and the desire to continually retain the relationship.

*Worth Thinking About:*

Nothing kills meaningful and productive relationships faster than the negative influences of intruders. Such as your rivals, competitors, envious colleagues, jealous friends, ungodly siblings etc.

*To be concluded in volume 7 after which I will share 3 true life stories about strategic relationships.

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