Nimbo Community In Uzo-Uwani LGA of Enugu State Suffers Another Tragedy

Nimbo Community In Uzo-Uwani LGA of Enugu State Suffers Another Tragedy

By Uba Okoh

In one of my recent posts last week in which I expressed my views on the proposed creation of state police, I referenced the gruesome massacre of the people of Ukpabi-Nimbo community by Fulani herders some time in 2016.

Unfortunately, history repeated itself in the same community (Nimbo) last Sunday (28/04/24), when (the same) marauding killer herders pounced on the people who had gathered to mourn the dead in this community.

This unprovoked attack left four of the mourners slaughtered, leaving a couple of others who escaped with various degrees of life threatening injuries, while many were reported missing.


What a recurring decimal! Ndigbo would succinctly say that; “Nke a bu madu ino na be ya nopia mkpuru something.”

Just imagine this scenario; is it possible for someone from the South-East here, to travel hundreds of kilometres to Sokoto (for instance), and kill an indigene and go scot-free? I mean killing just one person.

I bet you, this act would have ignited a conflagration of unspeakable proportions, with the attendant massacre, burning/looting of shops of non-indigenes with reckless abandon.

But down here, these vagabond, cadaverous, stinking, uncircumcised idiots (no apologies), would unleash this mayhem on us interminably and go unchallenged. On our own soil? Oh my God! Where do we run to?

Reacting to this gory incident at Nimbo, the governor of Enugu State, Dr. Ndubuisi Mbah has this to say

“Let me assure you that enough is enough. I don’t think that we would allow our hospitality to be taken for granted. We expect people, who have come to mingle with us, to also play by the rules and laws of our land.

“I don’t think that we really do have any reason to exist as a government if we cannot guarantee the safety of our people because the primary purpose of government is to guarantee the security and the welfare of its citizens. So, a situation where our people would go to bed with their two eyes open must end. And it must end immediately,” he said.

“We are truly pained by such dastardly killing by people who trespass, come into the locality of our people, who are living quietly within their environment, and open fire on them.

“That is inexcusable and unacceptable, and we are going to identify, track these culprits, pursue them wherever they are, capture them, and ensure that we bring them to justice,” the governor said.

Beyond the mantra of “Enough is enough” which has become monotonous, I urge our amiable governor to jettison the kid gloves with which these killer herders are presently being handled with, and take decisive action, to avoid a reoccurrence.

Additionally, I also suggest that military barracks (not police) should be located in that area to beef up security in order to avoid further loss of innocent lives.

Chief Uba Okoh writes from Enugu.

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