No Excuse Is Tenable For Failure

No Excuse Is Tenable For Failure

By Gbenga Emiloju (DMPII)

Sometimes in the year 2012, I was traveling in my car from Ijesa-Isu Ekiti to Ado-Ekiti on a sunny afternoon and when I got to Iluomoba-Ekiti, I saw an elderly man of about 55 years of age wave at me to assist him to Ado-Ekiti.

Since it’s my usual habit to assist people whenever such an act is within my power, I rolled down the window to find out if he was going to Ado-Ekiti and he said yes, so I obliged him to get inside and we continued the journey.

When we got to Ijan-Ekiti, the man got me engaged in conversation by thanking me for assisting him, having stayed by roadside under a scorching sun for more than 1hour before I picked him. He said the relief he had within a short time he stayed in my car had made him forget the pain he suffered under the sun.

Few minutes later, he started the story of how he had a dream to become successful when he was much younger, such as having businesses, build houses, have many cars etc. But his dream was aborted when he was in Form 2 (JSS2), after his father got a new wife.

He said the stepmother turned the heart of his father against his mother and the children, and he stopped sponsoring their education. And as a result, they all dropped out of school and the rest was a story.

He practically justified the reason for not achieving his dream with what his step-mother did. He blamed his father for not supporting them through school. He blamed his mother for her inability to do anything to help them.

The man went further to blame other family members for not helping them, and he also blamed the government for not providing free education to enable them education. He blamed almost everyone for his failure and his inability to achieve his dream.

After everything he said, I pitied him and encouraged him to make sure that he does everything within his power to ensure that his own children become successful in life, if at all he couldn’t achieve his own dream.

Though I told him that it’s never too late for him to reconsider those dreams, using the story of Harland David Sanders of KFC to motivate him. I dropped him off at Ijigbo in Ado-Ekiti and wished him goodbye.

After I dropped him, I began to ruminate over our interactions and the only fact that dropped in my mind was that; *”This man blamed everyone for his failure, while he has forgotten that no excuse is tenable for failure.”*

*The Blame Game*

1. He blamed his father for yielding to the manipulation of his stepmother.

2. He blamed his stepmother for turning his father against him and his siblings

3. He even blamed his own mother for not doing enough to sponsor his education

4. He blamed other family members for not helping them

5. He blamed the government for not providing free education for them

But to my surprise,

1. He didn’t blame himself for not making concerted efforts to help himself

2. He didn’t blame himself for not doing enough to live above disappointment and parental irresponsibility.

3. He didn’t blame himself for giving up on his dreams and aspirations just because some people gave up on him.


Never give up on your goals, dreams or aspirations because of temporary setback, human disappointment or other challenges of life. For if you do, you will live to regret your failure and no excuse will be tenable to justify your failure.

I Wish You A Fruitful Week!

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