Of Patriotism And Shared Humanity…♥️

Of Patriotism And Shared Humanity…♥️

…If 0.01% Of Nigerian Politicians Were This Patriotic & Compassionate

When in 2001 the Olusegun Obasanjo administration liberalized the telecommunications market, the premier players, MTN and ECONET (had metamorphosed to AIRTEL of today), came with SIM cards they sold at more than 30.000 naira.

Not only that, they told Nigerians they could not bill subscribers per second. Desperate and excited Nigerians continued to pay any amount because the official national provider NITEL had totally frustrated everyone.

Nigerians were ready to pay any amount!

Then few years down the line, a Mike Adenuga came to the rescue after getting his Licence. He crashed the SIM card prices to almost 100 naira! He started the per second billing and Nigerians heaved a sigh of relief !

He has since been investing in football at national and intercontinental levels and beyond. He has been investing in ARTs and entertainment empowering millions in the process!

Then comes an Allen ONYEMALA into the aviation sector years later. He plays the Superman, intervening with his aircrafts at national periods of distress across the world to bring back Nigerians during conflicts, xenophobia and Covid! All without asking for a dime.

Then after years of frustration and sabotage by some Nigerians, he gets approval to fly passengers to London Gatwick instead of Heathrow 2,3, 4 & 5! Still, he crashes the ticket prices and exiting 24hours the other foreign airlines that had charged between 15 million naira for business class and up to 3 million naira for economy tickets brought down their prices considerably!

He has beyond the low economy price tickets given Nigerian students in foreign universities across the world a 15% rebate so that they can make it home for holidays!

We must thank these two Nigerians who have shown their humanity and have differentiated themselves from those who suck the system dry while pretending to be philanthropists!

When the history of businessmen in Nigeria is written, Chief Mike Adenuga and Allen Onyema would earn their golden plaques!

How many parasitic Nigerian politicians remember other humans in such a magnanimous way?

Nigeria could not have fallen over the poverty cliff if we had kinder politicians at all levels!

Lay they continue to prosper


April 2, 2024.

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