Passion for Humanitarian Services Community Development Projects

Passion for Humanitarian Services Community Development Projects

10 Gold Rules from Chapter Nine:

1. Do Not Be Part of the Problem: You must be determined not to be part of the problem of your society. Remove your name from the lists of societal problems and challenges.

2. Be A Problem Solver: The world is in desperate need of problem solvers. Be intentional in creating solutions to your own and those of others around you. Your ability to solve your problem gives you the capability to solve the problems of others.

3. The Government Alone Cannot Do It: You must guide yourself with the truth that God alone cannot proffer solutions to all the problems in our society. It is the responsibility of all of us to contribute our own quota to the development of our immediate environment.

4. Treat Your Job as an Act of Service to Humanity: Let not money or profit-making be the sole reason for doing whatever you do. Use your job, service or products to solve people’s problems in your own little way by making it affordable.

5. Render Selfless Services: Be interested to render Selfless service to everyone you meet without any expectation of getting anything in return. A life of service is a reward unto itself. Be an helper of other’s destinies.

6. Support Your Organization: Never limit your service to your employer to what you were paid to do. Have the desire to use your ability to carry out some discretional performances that are directly/indirectly incidental to your job roles and responsibilities.

7. Charitable Orientation: Make it a lifestyle to regularly initiate and implement charitable programmes for the poor, the needy, orphans and less-privileged in your immediate environment. You are not truly a blessed person until your blessing ignites the blessing of others.

8. Purpose and Fulfilment: Living a life of service to humanity through charitable orientation and community development initiatives encourages a purposeful living and brings a sense of fulfillment.

9. Build Your Own Memorial: When you are disposed to humanitarian services and community development projects, it gives the opportunity to build your own memorial when you are alive by leaving your footprints in the sand of time for your generation and several after.

10. Eternal Rewards: God is a rewarder of every good deed, according to Mark 9:41. Living a life of service to humanity qualifies and prepares you for eternal rewards. When you do your charitable deeds with the right motives, rewards are waiting for you in heaven.

*Worth Thinking About:*

If are neither living a meaningful nor purposeful life, make efforts to build Service station upon your life. The best way to meaningfully and purposefully is to live a life of Service to Humanity.


When God blesses you, make sure you become a channel of blessing to people around you. If your act of charity does not benefit the people around you, never bother to export it.

I Wish You A Great Day!

*Gbenga Emiloju (DMPII)*

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