Passion for Personal Relationship with God, Preparation for the Extraction Point

Passion for Personal Relationship with God, Preparation for the Extraction Point

10 Golden Rules from Chapter Ten:

1. Know Your Source – God: You must know and understand that your existence on earth is not accidental. God is the source of every human being and everything that is in existence. Matt. 15:5.

2. Workout Your Own Salvation: Be intentional about your own salvation. Be born-again and dedicate your life unto serving God. Never allow your desire for things in the world to take your heart away from God. 1John 2:15.

3. Have a Personal Relationship with God: Do not serve a God that you do not know. It is not good enough when your pastor or prophet is the middleman between you and your God. You would be greatly deceived  when you serve the unknown God.

4. Beware of Fake Messengers: The Bible talks about Wolf in Sheep’s clothing. Matt. 7:15. One of the dangers of not knowing God personally is that you become the “Maga” for fake pastors and prophets whose god is their belly. They are ready to milk you dry.

5. Serve God with All That You Have: Remember that everything you have is given to you by God. Use your resources, intellectual capabilities, talent and special abilities, position, status, material things, etc for God at every opportunity.

6. Never Abuse the Grace of God: God’s Grace is ever and readily available to all men at different levels, sizes, and dimensions. Titus 2:11. Make sure you appreciate and maximize the Grace of God over your life irrespective of the degree at which is available to you.

7. Do Not Take God’s Mercy for Granted: God promised to have mercy on those He would have mercy on. Rom. 9:15. If He chooses to have mercy on you, please do not take it for granted. Without His mercy, no one can withstand His judgement.

8. Do Good for Eternal Rewards: Knowing and serving God are not enough when you fail to do good. The Bible says Jesus Christ was moving around doing good. Acts 10:38. And Matthew 10:42 confirms that you won’t lose the reward of good deeds. Matt. 5:16.

9.  Build Spiritual Maturity: It is your responsibility to develop yourself spiritually. Make sure you always improve and continue to grow in the know of God. This can be achieved through prayer, fasting, bible study, fellowshipping with other believers, etc.

10. Prepare for the Extraction Point: One thing is sacrosanct – death. Always prepare for your last moment. Remember that one day you will die. Heb. 9:27 says, “It is appointed unto men once to die and after that to be judged.” The question is, what kind of judgement are you preparing for?

*Worth Thinking About*

Your existence on earth is a wasted adventure if you fail to have a personal encounter with God, and build a robust relationship with Him.


Since you are still alive, it is never too late to late to know God and cultivate a lasting relationship with Him. John 6:37.

I Wish You A Great Weekend!

*Gbenga Emiloju (DMPII)*

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